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  1. I watched for Tryamkin. And wasn't disappointed.
  2. Just get him signed long term. His value will only continue to go up.
  3. He's a legend. Hope he comes back eventually in a management role.
  4. Wow, the hate for Megna on here is intense. Honestly, I haven't been overly peeved with him. He has a lot of speed. But he certainly doesn't belong on an elite team. Next year there won't be room for him, and he'll be a distant memory.
  5. True dat. I was thinking when is the last time the Canucks have scored five goals?? Not happening tonight.
  6. Rat trick. Pretty sad.
  7. For goodness sake, at least pay him enough that he can get a helmet and visor that properly fit.
  8. Sedins playing like old fragile Mr Burns on skates. Miller was incredible. Tryamkin with the entertainment factor. One step closer to a beauty draft pick.
  9. It's the Gatorade folks. We need to switch it up for water. Those artificial dyes will lower anyone's play.
  10. We need to sign Miller to another year. Stat.
  11. After this penalty kill, we need a Flying V, mighty ducks style.