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  1. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I enjoyed the game. I thought more about how everyone thinks the refs screwed us on the disallowed goal too, and I'm okay with how it went down. It was long enough to be possession and the fact that it was too long when he held it doesn't really matter. If he was to shoot the puck into the crowd at that point instead, he wouldn't get a delay of game penalty. As soon as he has possession, the play is dead. If it was the other way around with the same teams, we'd all think it was the right call. Great effort by the Canucks, and in OT anything can happen.
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    I miss Tryamkin.
  3. What a little bitc* that Messier is. These conditions are as fat as his head. It includes things like $100K for winning the Conn Smythe / Hart / Ross. He was so far from that in his time here that they might have well made it $100M for those awards.
  4. Will Tryamkin Return To The Canucks?

    I agreed up until the last sentence. Tryamkin was far superior last season. He will be back, with an Olympic gold medal around his neck.
  5. Wish the Pens didn't lose tonight to the Flames. They'll be trying twice as hard Saturday so they don't lose 2 in a row. Hope the Canucks get their scoring touch back. So many shots last game. 3-2 Canucks
  6. I remember thinking when the news came out that it was the most insane thing ever, in a tremendously bad way. It was a massive risk to trade a bonafide NHL starter-ready goalie for an unknown. Luckily, it’s looking like a very even trade now. But the move showed some real risk taking and strong talent assessment by Canucks management. Very ballsy, and for that, I give the Canucks the win.
  7. Toronto - Vancouver (Proposal)

    Tanev is arguably our best player. He was getting pluses when the rest of the team was in the minus. He stays, period. Tryamkin is a beast who will return to us in 2 years. I would hate to see the Canucks lose these players to Toronto.
  8. [Report] Canucks recall Jayson Megna

    Such funny responses. I cringed when I saw the threat title. Just when we're starting to get our jam together. Sit, Megna, sit.
  9. In July 2016, the Leafs organization signed Auston Matthews to a three-year entry-level contact, and the Leafs are recognizing now that it will be an uphill battle to get a McDavid-sized extension as they had hoped by next summer. Auston Matthews, the native of Scottsdale Arizona, is not interested in signing long-term with the Leafs, say sources close to him and the Leafs organization. Relations started rocky when negotiations behind closed doors between Lamoriello and Matthews’ agent over performance bonuses in his first contract left Matthews bitter, say sources. The US born player, who spends his off-time in Arizona, allegedly has his heart set on playing in the US, and it is no surprise that the Coyotes remain Matthew’s favourite team. Matthews has been a Coyotes fan since he was two years old, and sources say that Leaf management have even asked him to scale down his public comments about Coyotes happenings to show greater loyalty towards the Blue and White fans. This request by the Leaf organization came after Matthews’ comments about the potential for the Arizona Coyotes to get a new arena, and when his idol Shane Doan retired. Recent attempts by the Leafs organization to discuss contract extensions with Matthews have apparently gone flat. Sources say Matthews plans to argue that as a player drafted out of Europe, after four years of playing with the Leafs, he becomes a draft-related unrestricted free agent, as per the collective bargaining agreement. The Leafs management interpret the agreement differently, believing they will maintain his rights after four years as a ‘defected player.’ To be continued. (Sources unable to be revealed, hence why this is being posted in White Noise.)
  10. Kevin Bieksa one punch, miss him.

    One of my favourite Canuck alumni. Such character!
  11. -87 for starting a beauty thread on why Jannik Hansen shouldn't be in the line-up. In true Hansen fashion, I played a mighty agitator and kept that thread going long past its expected expiry.
  12. [PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Power play is smoking hot! I'm sure glad we sat Virtanen. No need to have any excitement out there.
  13. [PGT] Winnipeg Jets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Oh well. Fairly entertaining. It had to be the Sedins' best game this season. I wouldn't mind so much that Edler is hurt except for the fact we're pretty thin on defense. Here comes Blue collar Biega.

    Way to seal the deal Deb.
  15. Confirmed that he passed away (CNN). Very sad. I saw him play in Vancouver in August, and it was an incredible concert. So many great songs. He's a true rock legend.