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  1. -87 for starting a beauty thread on why Jannik Hansen shouldn't be in the line-up. In true Hansen fashion, I played a mighty agitator and kept that thread going long past its expected expiry.
  2. Power play is smoking hot! I'm sure glad we sat Virtanen. No need to have any excitement out there.
  3. Oh well. Fairly entertaining. It had to be the Sedins' best game this season. I wouldn't mind so much that Edler is hurt except for the fact we're pretty thin on defense. Here comes Blue collar Biega.
  4. Way to seal the deal Deb.
  5. Confirmed that he passed away (CNN). Very sad. I saw him play in Vancouver in August, and it was an incredible concert. So many great songs. He's a true rock legend.
  6. I love seeing all the new faces out there, but cringe when I see Edler's name. That guy needs to start playing with some passion again. He plays so much better for his country. He needs to hit more, stop breaking sticks, and get his shot through. And no more predictable back passes while lugging the puck up ice on the power play. Every team just waits to pounce on that lame play of his now.
  7. I think Iginla lost that status after he became a full fledged trolloping team tramp. Four teams removed and now he might as well be playing for Las Vegas.
  8. THis iiS a tHreaD aBoUt AlExaaandrE MeNarD-BuRrowS. He PlAys hoCkEy. He wAs InDuCtEd inTo the CaNadiAn anD inTernaTioNal BaLL hOcKey HalL of FamE. HE iS pRetTy gOoD aT thE hoCkEy. We LiKe HiM hEre. (BiTe YeR toNgUe aNd WeT YeR PaNtS rOn McLeAn!)
  9. Assuming Rodin isn't picked up on waivers and goes to Utica, I still see him finding his (strong) game and getting a call-up during the season when injuries take a toll. He can play quite well when he gets into his groove. His type of injuries do take time, and clearly he needs a bit more time. Training camp and exhibition games don't always show the full picture. For instance, to me, Brandon Sutter has looked pretty brutal in his pre-season games (despite the disallowed goal that was clearly a legit goal against Calgary). But I know he's going to be a solid performer again this year for the Canucks. As far as Utica call-ups go, I'd prefer Rodin over Goldobin. That guy plays too soft for my liking to be a top-six, while Rodin can fit comfortably on the third / fourth line.
  10. I do like that chemistry between Jake V and Gagner.
  11. This thread is very misleading and damaging our big Russian's character. I'd suggest locking this up. The weed bit was poorly translated and at the end of an article. It wasn't his reason for leaving the Canucks.
  12. Sedins will be racking up the penalty minutes this year. I feel bad for them, but those little slashes and hooks are part of their DNA. Still great players, but these penalty priorities do not fall in their favour. Too bad these changes didn't come earlier when the Sedins were so dominant, cycling non stop and getting hacked and wacked constantly.
  13. Bloody head on Vince too. Shameful.