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  1. Still bummed about Tryamkin's decision. At least Leafs got bounced from the playoffs tonight.
  2. CBC team sure don't like Ottawa. The intermissions are hilarious. Bob Cole is older than time and as senile as Yoda singing about seagulls. go Burrows , I'd love to see him finish this thing.
  3. I'm guessing the team does worse next year. Sophomore jinx to hit half the team, and expectations will have increased five-fold. It'll be sweet to see them go down again.
  4. Many on the OP's list were not underrated by Canucks fans during each player's tenure. Maybe by the league fans, but nobody outside BC knew many Canucks back in the days of radio and local television, when CBC ignored us almost entirely. But one player notably under appreciated by Canucks fans and management was Jiri Slegr. He was better utilized on some of the other teams he played with, but still had strong seasons with the Canucks.
  5. One of the only good things I can think of out of this mess is that Tryamkin really does want to be back in Russia when he can be, and if he had signed two years with the Canucks I might wonder about his passion level in the post-season when he knows he could fly home the sooner the Canucks lose. We want desire and passion to be maximum in our defenseman in the post-season.
  6. Boy, people saying Troy Stecher is the future face of the franchise aren't seeing straight. He's a solid young defender, but not someone who people will be intentionally buying tickets to go see or be a star. He has solid positioning and some offensive upside, but just not enough to be the face of the franchise. If he is, we're in for a dark future.
  7. All I know for sure is that Linden is voting in the BC elections. Are you?
  8. I think the entitlement aspect is more of a generational youth thing than a Russian thing. Willie didn't work well with it. People make such a big deal about how easy going the Sedins are - they're a coaches dream. Bottom line for me, I'd like a winning team. Do I really care if some players are harder to manage? Just show me some wins please, I couldn't really care if the hard working Biega's get their deserved ice time.
  9. This was supposed to be a happy day with the Flames getting bounced last night and Toronto's season fading. This was a major blow to our organization no matter how you look at it. Defenseman that size and with so much upside don't come very often.
  10. It's a big drop in team toughness too. Tryamkin could play reliably and keep the opposition in check. I'm not convinced that Gudbranson can eat as many minutes in the future, or Pedan. Our other defenders are all light weights, or play like one (ie Edler).
  11. This will be Willie's legacy.
  12. This sucks so bad. It's bigger news than a coaching change. Tryamkin could have been a top pairing defenseman for us for years to come, and now gone for nothing. Soooo frustrating.
  13. As someone mentioned earlier, the Green and NDP parties shoot themselves in the foot with people splitting between them, while the right side has no Conservative Party to split with Liberals. Older age population isn't reflected well on CDC, but the big thing for them is primarily taxes, and Liberals - hate them or love them - have managed to keep provincial taxes at the same level, while NDP and Green parties would need to raise taxes, albeit for mostly deserved programs / reasons. All-in-all, Liberals haven't done enough damage to change the majority of minds out there, and they'll win again, as NDP hasn't stepped up nearly enough and Green had too much gap to close.
  14. I'm pretty sure Kass is back on the powder. He's looking all googley-eyed out there and playing at 120%.
  15. Who knew such a stink would come from probing Uranus?