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  1. You had a "Dramatic" Summer? Do tell? I must know all the juicy details! lol

    Well, I'm not really sure what 'Goals" I have. I would like to be able to participate in athletic activities again. I'm not overweight, but I'm also not in shape, like the weight is in the wrong places if you catch my meaning lol

  2. I see. Lots of stuff going on in your life right now haha.

    My life has just stabilized....had a dramatic summer LOL

    Can't wait until the hockey season starts.

    What goals do you have in mind for training?

  3. Obviously I meant Bruins Enthusiast, but I typed what I saw instead of what I knew.

  4. Oh you know, same old same old. Destroyed 1600$ worth of equipment at work on Saturday >.> <.< Picking up my Equinox next Friday :)

    Also still need a Canucks enthusiast Friend/Trainer to whip me into fightin' shape :P

    How's Work been? Plenty busy I hope.

  5. Heya~

    Sorry. I've been away from the interwebs lol

    I gotta stop working 6 days/week work schedules.... (0__0)

    So what up?

  6. I have been devoured. So mean.

  7. Keele and Finch.

    You live in Yuppie Town :P You rich Socialite you! lol

    I live in like...the projects haha.

    Yeah I dunno if you want to train me though, could be difficult, and you would prob ably charge me an arm and a leg :P

  8. Hay! Boston does not suck lol

    I could train you perhaps but whereabouts do you live?

    I work downtown and live around Yonge/Eglington-ish

  9. Fitness eh? Wanna be my personal trainer? I'm out of shape and need a lean mean exercise machine to get me back into shape :P

    Doesn't rain for days on end's been raining since yesterday morning :P lol

    Boston sucks anyways :)

  10. Epic rain as I'm typing this out haha.

    Yeah, the weather is unpredictable here but at least it doesn't rain for days like Vancouver (trying to look at the positive side of things)

    I moved for a change of scenery. Plus, the industry that I work for (Fitness) is much bigger in Toronto than Vancouver so that was my main reasons.

    But of course being closer to Boston is ...

  11. It's not bad, I have a decent job, heck you may have seen me around the city. I work everywhere in the GTA. "Mircam pipe inspection" My job specifically is putting a camera in the sewers >.>

    Why did you move here? Was it for the Boy you missed hockey for?(terrible fan)

    How are you liking it? We've had some crappy donkey weather lately no?

  12. Oooo, you moved to Leafs Nation.

    Why you do thaatttt!!!!

    I did that too last year. I actually love it here.

    How do you find it so far?

  13. And by married I mean missing HOCKEY for dates!

  14. Oh you know, same old same old. I moved to the center of the universe (Toronto) and I'm working in the sewers now! Going to carpentry training Pre-Apprentice in February though!

    How about you Miss yuz? Weren't you on the verge of getting Married at one point or something?