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  1. Because it doesn't matter. Blue jays have to finish one ahead of the Yankees to win a division. If they have the same record, they play one game to determine who wins division. Only thing having the tie breaker means is having home field for that game http://m.mlb.com/news/article/59527184/playoff-tiebreaker-rules
  2. Can I play online with guests yet?
  3. Thanks guys, Megatron alone has more yards/tds than those 2 guys put together. The trade improves my depth, but not my overall scoring, Gonna reject it.
  4. So I have Calvin Johnson... Someone just offered me AJ Green and Larry Fitzgerald for him... Thoughts?
  5. So if I'm at my buddies place, we can't play online together? That's so lame. Used to be a huge part of NHL14 for me. Discovered last night that it didn't work in 15. Is a patch going to fix this?
  6. I joined the survivor pool... Steelers ftw
  7. Just going to leave this here. Make of it what you will. Last 12 games for Luongo... 1.97GAA, .924 SVP... Just 5 wins.
  8. Mitchell especially. I also thought Ousted butchered that second goal. And I probably would have brought Kenny Miller in a little bit earlier. Anyone have Ousted's record as keeper? It can't have been much better than Knighton's. Brad was having an incredible season, he was the goalie when the Caps had that great stretch during the early summer, but Rennie seemed hellbent on playing Ousted. edit: Knighton was 6-3-2, Ousted 3-5-4.
  9. So the scenario for the last 2 games... A caps win gives them the tiebreaker over both teams (SJ and Colorado), so all the Caps need to get ahead of Colorado is a win and draw. A rapids win in either game eliminates Vancouver. The Earthquakes play the Galaxy (like a loss) and Dallas (unlikely a loss). Need some help from LA, otherwise they gotta win out.
  10. While watching Milos and Vasek play I was thinking to myself that Vasek would have had a better shot the Milos to beat either Rafa or Djokovic. It's easy to say now, but with the way Rafa had Raonic running around, I feel like Vasek would have put up a bigger fight, and while he may not have won, it would have been closer. Raonic needs to work on his movement.
  11. Please don't generalize us. Every fan base has its bad eggs. Maybe the Pats have more than others, but lots of us are gracious winners and losers.
  12. How fitting that Tom Brady wins his record setting 23rd player of the week award on 12/12/12. Anyway, the Sunday nighter should be fantastic, although that's what everyone said about this Mondays game. Pats O-Line is going to have to be great again.
  13. Urine is beating me by .6 points... That Ridley touchdown is gonna cost me.
  14. The pats are just rolling the Texans.
  15. Im up 20 and he still has Ridley and the Pats D. Both are capable of putting up huge numbers.