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  1. in his career, bieksa has been one of the most inconsistent defencemen in the NHL. To suggest that anyone on either side of the debate is an "idiot" is absurd. He's been great for three months. I don't think it will last. I think Hamhuis blah blah, you've heard the arguments it's my opinion and your name calling isn't becoming or worthy of the critical thinking skills you suggest you have you come across like a jealous knob just because you believe something or have an opinion, doesn't mean it's the right one history strongly suggests there is no right answer with bieksa
  2. now you're accusing me of being a mult because i don't like bieksa? for shame
  3. he's been great but will suck again
  4. looks like it was hamhuis all night is bxa riding coattails?
  5. bieksa played well tonight
  6. how many goals will burr score?
  7. how can bieksa be considered all around? He doesn't score or push offence