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  1. The NHL is a joke as so is Brad Marchand. With his history it's absolutely unbelievable he didn't get a suspension for his trip on Kronwall.
  2. Can't argue with that. The Virtanen fan boys and girls have the blinders on. Shoulda drafted Ehlers
  3. You are bang on. Picking and choosing random players to defend Jake's lack of development is senseless. Jeff Carter, Rick Nash, Jakub Voracek, Max Pacioretty.... there's plenty of big fast wingers that didn't take the "Bertuzzi route" to develop.
  4. Why would his reputation be tied to Shinkaruk? He's made plethora of trades and draft picks. Some good, some bad. His reputation will be tied to all his moves as a whole. The one that's eating me alive right now is Virtanen. He was supposed to be the hometown kid taken 6th overall that was our next mean power forward. A couple years later and he's in the AHL with 7 points in 25 games. How good would Ehlers look in our top 6 right now?
  5. I know Jake is still young but he's starting to flirt with being labeled a bust. Kid's gotta pick it up.
  6. If he won't sign for $4 million or less trade him. If he does, keep him. He's been a disappointment.
  7. I don't see the Canucks having the pieces to get Duchene out of Colorado.
  8. Depends what you are looking for. I wanted to make my own websites so I taught myself HTML, CSS and PHP using textbooks - it took me a couple months but I have a technical background (mechanical engineer) and took a coding course in university which helped me pick it up quickly. You can make your own websites from scratch and really get the most out of Wordpress with this knowledge. If you are looking to get a job, you need some sort of post secondary education. BCIT is a good school to consider, but there's lots out there. Generally programming monkeys don't make a lot of money since there are so many out there. Probably $15 or $20 an hour. If you want a solid career I would suggest the following: 1. Take some courses, get into the industry and make connections. Figure out what you want to do and obtain the knowledge to do it - it could be a mix of course work, mentors, self teaching, etc. Work for yourself - develop your own website, software, apps, etc. 2. If you are more inclined to the 9-5 job style and working for a Company I would get a four year degree in something specialized or focused. 1 or 2 year certificates and diplomas won't get you a high earning job. You need to get a legit specialized degree IMO.
  9. BMac, Donny and Moj are the best hands down. Can't stand Sekeres and Price. At all. Can't stand Pratt. Jake is okay but doesn't know sports and seems out of it most of the time. His buddy Sat (spelling?) is annoying. Rintoul is okay but a bit of a nerd.
  10. I think your prospect rankings are a little optimistic. I don't know about Boeser and Horvat being classified as elite, or guys like Gaudette, Lockwood and Zhukenov being classified as top 6. Here's to hoping though. Regardless, I think the Canucks are missing three pieces: 1. A legitimate, elite, 1st line scoring winger. A guy that can put the puck in the net. A player like Tarasenko, Kane, Benn, Voracek, etc. We need a Markus Naslund. 2. A top 4 defenceman that is big, mean, can skate and make a first pass. This is what Gudbranson was supposed to be. He hasn't lived up to this so far, and he still could. If he does, we have our man. 3. A third line player with versatility that is mean, hits, and plays with an edge. And no, this is not Derek Dorsett. A player like Andrew Shaw, Cal Clutterbuck, or Alex Burrows in his prime when he was pissing guys off. This would give us a new legitimate 1st line with Bo centering it. The Sedins as a 2nd line. Some combo of the current bottom 6 collection of players we have on the 3rd line (Granlund, Sutter, Baertschi, etc.) and a fast and mean 4th line. If our young D can make the next step next year, with Stecher as our PP quarterback, I think the Canucks would be exciting and a fun team to watch.
  11. The problem is with the way the NHL has written up the rule of hits to the head. If the head is the primary point of contact, it is deemed an illegal hit. Plain and simple. I have no problem with this hit by Hall. It's a good old fashioned hard body check - he even appeared to hold up a bit. However, if you go by the words in the rule book, the primary point of contact was Larsen's head so it is an illegal check. I had a much bigger issue with Kadri's hit on Sedin. It was predatory, blind side and was delivered with much more intent on an unsuspecting player. However, if you go by the words in the rule book, since Kadri glanced of Sedin's shoulder prior to hitting his head, it was a legal check. It will be interesting to see how the league interprets this. If Hall does not get suspended then I give up trying to understand the rhyme and reason of the department of player safety.
  12. This stance by Linden is the problem. He is too nice a guy to be in his role as President. Don't get me wrong, I love the Sedins. They have been the face of the franchise for a number of years now and I hope they retire with the Canucks and have their numbers retired by the team. However, the primary goal of running an NHL franchise is to win. That's it, that's all. Everything else is secondary. Being a classy organization, being loyal to players, being a positive influence in the community.... all very important, but secondary. The Canucks don't 'owe' anything to the Sedins. They need to do what's in the best interest of the team at all times. Existing in this in-between gray area of rebuilding, retooling, and competing is going to hurt the franchise for years to come. Are you really doing the Sedins and the franchise any favors right now? The team isn't going to win any Stanley Cups with this roster and will likely not compete for a playoff spot for a number of years. Pick a direction that's best for the long term plan of the team. Commit to it, stick to it.
  13. 6:30 am - Wake up, eat breakfast, shower, brush teeth, feed dog. 7:00 am - Take dog for walk, get ready for work. 7:45 am - Walk to work (live downtown, work downtown). 8:00 am to 5:00 pm - Work and listen to TSN 1040. Typically turn off during the Sekeres and Price show. Can't do it. 5:00 pm - Walk home, walk the dog, have snack. 6:30 pm - Go to Steve Nash for workout. 8:00 pm - Make/eat dinner. 9:00 pm - Meditate, watch sports, read, chores 11:00 pm - Bed
  14. A guy like Chaput bas been very noticeable with limited minutes. I'm not saying he's the second coming of Bryan Trottier, but he's taking what's given to him and making the most of it. He seems to make a positive impact on every shift. This is exactly what Jake needs to do and should be doing. The NHL is a big boys league and like multiple people have said, it's not a developmental league. Jake was a 6th overall pick and comes with high expectations. However, being fast and big bodied, he arguably has a better skillset than pure finesse players to make his presence felt with limited minutes. The situation he's in is squarely on his shoulders. 4th line duties and multiple scratches with the Canucks and 2A in 8gp in Utica. It's not Willy's or Benning's fault. It's his fault.