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  1. Amen. What's on 40 percent of the country's mind? I cant believe people still approve of the job this idiot has done. When does Lisa Simpson take over?
  2. The death count is regrettable, but the new infections numbers seem promising to me. I have faith in BC to kick this horrible virus to the curb. But it depends on all of us
  3. The article says he was in his 60's.
  4. Words of wisdom. The sun will rise tomorrow. No need for doom and gloom. We got this!
  5. I certainly wouldn't be disappointed if it came to martial law for the time being, until this thing got under control. But the fact is, if everyone used a little common sense, we could get through this without it coming to that. This is serious $&!#, and we cant just keep putting our front line health care workers and our vulnerable citizens at risk for our own personal pleasure. Get your $&!# together quick or face the consequences.
  6. If you cant contribute something smart, you should take a pass. I know 60 year olds that can kick your ass. What a moronic thing to say. Internet loser of the day
  7. Tell your wife not to sweat it. Totally different geographic area. Your kid will be travelling the infamous highway of tears, but it has been inactive for a very long time. All I can tell you is dont let her stress. Your kid will be 100 percent and will enjoy great scenery at the same time.