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  1. NCAA football

    Defense wins championships. Courtney Upshaw is gonna be an amazing NFL player. I hope the Jets can pick him up.
  2. NCAA football

    Yeah not many people have him rated high at all. But I mean watching the kid play, I think he definitely has the potential to develop into something. He's insanely smart. I've seen him throw the deep ball, so I don't think arm strength is really an issue. I'm not 100 percent sure, but I don't think Boise runs a spread offence, don't they run a version of the West-Coast? I think he could be similar to Chad Pennington.
  3. NCAA football

    Hey Gretzky's Mullet, what's your opinion of Kellen Moore?
  4. NCAA football

    Wow. Georgia could easily be up 14-0 right now. Funny how, if LSU loses, neither of the teams in the National Championship game will have won their conference.
  5. NCAA football decent article.
  6. NCAA football

    Luck and Moore were my initial choices, but then had Griffin winning it until he got injured last week and didn't play. I think Luck takes it home though, the guy does show much its unbelievable. He actually calls a lot of their plays too, which is just crazy. Matt Barkley has had a great season, he's second on my list, but as you mentioned the whole bowl ineligibility thing (which he had nothing to do with, in fact him staying at the school tells you what kinda kid he is) and the fact that "he has good wide receivers" will hurt him. It's a stupid argument, but you gotta think in the context of the idiot voters. It's funny too because people always mention Barkley's receiver, what about Alabama's offensive-line?
  7. NCAA football

    Montee Ball is a baller. That needs to be said.
  8. NCAA football

    You mean Auburn from the SEC It's funny because Chip Kelly said he could see the score be like 60-58 or something? It turned turned out to be a pretty good defensive battle. I just hate those games where it's two teams just going back and forth. Defense is apart of the game!
  9. NCAA football

    I guess I'm in the minority of enjoying defensive football, however I don't think wed have a repeat of the 9-6 game.
  10. NCAA football

    Why? The SEC has shown time and time again to be the class of college football. Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Oregon, and Boise St all had their chance to take that number 2 spot and blew it.
  11. The Official Transit Thread

    Translink not having enough money has little to do with the subsidy they give to students at universities.
  12. The Official Transit Thread

    So we're attacking students at a University because they receive a subsidized cost for a transit pass?
  13. OMG Snow?

    Thank god, I love snow and all, but the road conditions make me hate it so much.
  14. The Official Transit Thread

    Apparently they found a pipe bomb, don't quote me