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  1. The way this looks now Just found out he went a km down the road-sidewalk mowing down as many people he can,got busted and wanted to die in infamy.Crazy dude wanted to get noticed in death. As far as motive,totally media driven,and now he's not dead and feeling like $&!#,and will have to answer a lot of questions that he might not be able to answer. I maybe wrong....but no terrorism here.
  2. The first thing I noticed,is there is no lights flashing above the intersection. Although the high cost,.in prairie and farm land intersections,it should be mandatory to have these flashing lights,may they be red or yellow,they should be there to signal a major intersection.
  3. That is the question that everyone wants to know... for sure. Just hope it's not a case of distracted driver. Although it can be the cause,truck driver checking his cell,or bus driver joking with the players,or what not....Who know's. But the full story will come out,most likely sooner then later.
  4. Tennis

    Shapo's youth and mental lapse's is showing on the big court right now. Growing pains suck in this sport but....No big deal he's got a great future in front of him.
  5. NBA Discussion

    I really don't know. It all seems really complicated for pro athletes to manage these banned substances, especially if your taking meds due to injurie. Not saying this is the case here,but who knows
  6. NBA Discussion
  7. NBA Discussion

    And how about PJ Tucker, what a needed acquisition. That's the kind of player that will a make a difference for us in the playoffs. So gritty defencively, can make the 3.Great team leader. Anyway,Huge win for the Raps. Let's bring this positive vib to Miami,and kick some Heat butt.....GO RAPS.
  8. NBA Discussion

    We got a big break last night with the Wizards, Cavs and Hawks all losing. If we can win this one tonight, we will be 1 game back of Washington,3 of the Celtics. Go Raps
  9. NBA Discussion

    That was a great comeback effort after there last meeting. Actually there playing Milwaukee tonight, and it could be a hard match .The Bucks are 1.5 games behind the 8th seed Detroit. There gonna be motivated to get this win to inch themselves closer to a playoff spot. Plus they won last night as well. Every game from now till the playoffs will have a playoff feel to it. Raptors cannot take any team lightly from now on. Go Raps
  10. NBA Discussion

    Raptors lose 111-121 to Golden State last night. Not a bad loss considering they got blown away 42-17 in the first quarter. They somehow managed to make a game of it, even coming within 5 late in the 4th.But the Warriors are just to talented, and couldn't pass them. DeRozan is now the all time points scorer for the Raptors passing Chris Bosh's record. Next game tonight vs Phoenix Suns.
  11. NBA Discussion

    Not using it as an excuse,but the Raps were on there 3rd game in 4 nights,outscoring there opponents big.Plus Clevland had the whole weekend off. They played hard and didn't quit till the end,I think fatigue played a part in last night's game.
  12. I sang this song at work today mostly thinking about the bolded parts. Wow, what are we in for.
  13. NBA Discussion

    The Raptors are off to great start. And how about Derozan,I sure hope he keeps it going.His start to the season is being compared to the likes of Micheal Jordan. Off course he's a long way to being a bonified mega superstar,but if he can keep producing the way he is,he may become a giant in his sport. Great comeback win last night against the Hornets,and they play tonight against the Knicks. Go Raps Go
  14. Feedback and Bugs

    Can't even read the US election thread anymore cause it just keeps scrolling up because of those tweet post. Kinda sucks,I come on here every day to follow peoples response to what is happening,but now it's useless. What can I do to fix this?