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  1. Hey man,sorry about that,I know exactly what your talking about. In early December I got sick,cold or flu whatever,and my ears plugged up.It got so bad I couldn't hear someone talk a foot away from me. It lasted for at least a month,till i got a prescription and it went away.
  2. Just what I was thinking about yesterday.Hurricane season's on the way. This could get real ugly down there for sure.
  3. Queation is....Why the American feed for one of the most classic games in Canucks history. Sportsnet dont have access to there own broadcasts. Oh ya,CBC probably owned the rights to those broadcasts.
  4. Scarier,he could cancel this years elections with that war mesures if i am correct. Then what?
  5. blaise

    NBA Discussion

    Ya,that was so special the way it all went down,and as I recall,his daughter was born the next day, or something like that.
  6. blaise

    NBA Discussion

    Question for all us Raptors-Canucks fans.Which shot was bigger for you guys,considering there both the biggest shot's in both franchises history...Kawhi's miracle buzzer beater shot game seven against Philly last year , OR Burrows shot in OT game seven,off the penalty bench to Slay the Dragon in 2011? For me Kawhi,s shot was bigger just from how the whole season went,and how far this win resonated across the whole country. But what Burrows did,was just as clutch. Sure miss those days.
  7. blaise

    NBA Discussion

    Ya the Clippers lost last night in SA,Kawhi's second return there since the trade.Again he got boo'd and jeered all game which ended up with a ten point loss. Kinda feel bad for Kawhi,people in SA should get over it,the guy's a class act. At least we know he will be received here as a hero when the Clipps come to Toronto on the 11th. RAPS
  8. blaise

    NBA Discussion

    Rap's keep on rolling. 14-4 start to the season. What's you guy's thought on our somewhat challenged start to the season? Pretty impressive so far.....RAPS
  9. WTF, Is't this a case of the US tampering our elections??? Why would a US media outlet put this story out now?
  10. blaise


    Turning out to become another epic final today. Medvedev coming back 0-2 to tie up the match and force a fifth set.I thought for sure this was over hours ago.
  11. blaise


    Game on soon,Go Queen Bee
  12. The dude from Texas is irrelevant,The only thing with him,is now all the focus is on the Kids.