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  1. Shooting & Explosions in France

  2. Shooting & Explosions in France

    Going off topic on you guy's, but it was the rock band " The Deftones" playing that gig  and left the  building 15 minutes before the attack in the concert hall. And,This to me,,could be the start a true international launch against these terrorists and there ideologies. Even the Russians are showing discust at this attack. I
  3. C'mon Osona ......C'mon......
  4. Clutch moment here, gotta great crowd tonight as well.
  5. Hello Jays fans,seeing the Jays being successful at the end of the season, I admit,jumping on the bandwagon. I don't know enough about baseball,but I was wondering if the Jays actually have a chance at the big prize and winning the world series?
  6. Just my hunch ,but just watch PK in the political world in 20 years or so,He's gonna kill. He's smart well spoken,generous and seem's to appreciate the struggles of the less fortunate peoples in this world. I always thought his future career may be in the hockey world,but I have a feeling his destiny maybe a little more then that. Good job PK.
  7. Strange that NHL.Com hasn't talked about this on there website,even though that this is a widely talked about subject on all other news outlets. I guess they want to protect there star player.
  8. Congrats to your 2014/15 SC champs Chicago Blackhawks!

    At least the cup made it.
  9. Congrats to your 2014/15 SC champs Chicago Blackhawks!

    The cup ain't even there....Flash flood's going on there. Bettman must just be livid right
  10. 34-16 SOG Canucks after 2...... No matter what happens, we can't say they didn't give it there all. GO CANUCKS GO
  11. LOL Mayray still playing for us...hahaha.
  12. GDT: Around the NHL Week of April (06-10) 2015

    Any team that will face the Sens should be worried. The way they've been playing for the last 2 months, they will be a threat in the playoffs.
  13. [GDT] LAK@CGY

    We got ourselves a clinchfest folks.... Flames ,Winny in.... LA OUT....whooooohooo
  14. GDT: Around the NHL Week of April (06-10) 2015

    yahhh 2-0 Ottawa. Now go Lu and the Panthers and beat Boston.