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  1. I'll just leave this Travis Yost prediction here:
  2. The problem with that (a cap at 72) is that they would have to completely change the schedule, because, as currently constructed, there is no point in the season where every team is going to have 72 games played. They will either a) have to end the season with teams having played a different number of games; b) completely change the schedule, in terms of who plays whom, or c) just finish the 82 game schedule as planned.
  3. They'd better not just cancel it. It would throw competitive balance and fairness out the window (e.g. totally unfair to teams that have traded future assets for help now). If they are going to be fair they ought to: 1) restart the regular season when it is safe to do so (even if this means picking up in September or October); 2) complete the playoffs as normal (4 rounds, 7 game series); 3) shorten the 2021-2022 season just like they would if there were a lockout, with full playoffs starting in April of May 2022.
  4. No, he's wondering why Vancouver is ahead of Nashville in those standings. They both have 69 games played and both have 78 points. The answer is because it is a mistake. Nashville should be ahead because they have won more games in regulation (28 compared to Vancouver's 27)
  5. I'm not sure where that screenshot is from, but they don't know how the tiebreaker procedure works. Go to to see the correct standings.
  6. Before the win against the Islanders, had the Canucks chances as: Winning the West: 5%. Missing the Playoffs: 4%
  7. Tonight, the only really meaningful game for the Canucks overall chances of making the playoffs is the Vegas vs. Carolina game. Because Vegas won, our playoff chances went down 0.3% With Edmonton winning against St. Louis as well, it was a bad scoreboard watching night.
  8. There it is! That's what I was hoping for. Thanks Shaelon.
  9. I'm not sure you get this thread. Obviously these numbers mean less with 30 games left than with 10 games left. Obviously teams can go on streaks. Everyone knows that. What he is doing is making projections based on past performance (which is arguably one of the most predictive indicators that one can use). I'll bet if I told you that 50% of coin flips will be heads, you would say "well not necessarily, you might get tails 10 times in a row". You are hijacking this thread with your useless, obvious observations. If you don't personally think this thread is useful or informative - stop posting (spamming?) here and go somewhere else. I honestly don't get people like you.
  10. To add to the intrigue, according to, these games have the following effects on the Canucks' playoff chances: NAS vs NJD = -0.1% because NAS won in SO LAK vs ARI = +0.1% because ARI lost in OT BUF vs MTL = no effect So overall, tonight was pretty even for the Canucks playoff chances.
  11. I understand what you are saying here. Have you, by chance, seen Shaelon's previous annual magic number threads? They were presented in a fairly comprehensive table that included a lot of information that many of us, including me, found very interesting. This year, I understand that Shaelon doesn't have the time to make the big comprehensive table, and has opted to do a more simple calculation of the record needed down the stretch to achieve certain things. It should be very valuable for a lot of people on this forum who, for example, don't seem to understand how mediocre the Canucks could be in the last 30 games and still make the playoffs. If you want a more fulsome mathematical picture that considers strength of schedule and other things, you can go to one of the websites I cited in my post above.
  12. With the win in San Jose, the main hockey stats sites have our playoff probability at an average of 94.5% Playoff Probabilities Report: 93.9% SportsClubStats: 96.5% Playoffstatus: 93% I don't count MoneyPuck, because their projections make no sense (for example, they have Montreal with a 9.1% chance of making the playoffs, but also a 1.0% percent chance of winning the cup? That means that, if the Habs did squeeze into the playoffs, they would have a 11.0% percent chance of winning the cup, which is better than Boston's 10.1% chance? Makes no sense). Also, those websites (particularly the first two) project the playoff cut-off in the West to be around 90 points (if not lower).
  13. You have had like, 15 of the last 23 posts in this thread, and the total amount of correct information you have provided could have easily fit in one post. The thread was beginning to look like one long rambling conversation with yourself.