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  1. Yes, because it means we have a good third line. 3.5 isn't too much for a good third line winger.
  2. Apparently Micheal is the Gaelic version of Michael. Or the parents just made a spelling mistake...
  3. Let me know if you retract...
  4. Agreed. We don't have quite the high-end talent as some of the best teams, but what we lack in high-end talent, we appear to make up for in depth. I for one am a proponent of depth. E.g. I would take two solid 6 million dollar players over one 12 million dollar player any day.
  5. Anyone else secretly hoping/thinking that Benning signed Ferland because he knows that a deal with Boeser is pretty much done and his cap hit will be lower than we all expected it to be?
  6. I think the key lesson learned by Montreal here is to never trade Weber. If they trade Weber, like we did Luongo, Montreal loses their ability to "control" his retirement/LTIR. As long as they keep him on the team, they should be able to avoid any recapture penalty.
  7. The recapture isn't a law, it's part of an agreement. Big difference.
  8. I too was thinking that this recapture penalty seems extremely unfair, but when I think about it more... is it really that unfair? I mean, we got Luongo for an extremely (and artificially) low cap hit during the Canuck glory years (2010 to 2012) which may have helped them reach the cup finals and win president's trophies. Is it really unfair that, now that he has retired before his contract is up, we have to pay the piper? I still think this is bush league to some extent, but it may actually be "fair" from an objective perspective.
  9. I know you're joking, but the sad reality is we can't offersheet anyone for over $4m anyway because we lack the draft pick required for compensation.
  10. What? Yes you can - by making a new agreement that may apply retroactively. That's what happened.
  11. Exactly. Everyone has degenerative disc disease. I don't even think you need to limit this to hockey players. HealthLinkBC (a provincial government website) even says "it is not really a disease, but a term to describe normal changes in your spinal discs as you age". It is pretty much used as a diagnosis of exclusion when there is no other objectively identifiable explanation for one's back pain.
  12. My current theory (based on reading between the lines of many interviews) is that the Canucks have already made a trade in principle and are waiting until the draft to make it official. Obviously that would give the fans who bought a ticket that much more to cheer about.
  13. The "V" and "C" were actually an intentional part of the stick-in-rink design back when the original logo was created in 1970. The modern version of the stick in rink accentuates the "V" by putting making the stick more vertical.