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  1. Actually, it is a gimmick and bogus because two out of the eight teams cannot possibly "call their country the champion", because Europe and North America are not countries. This tournament has no credibility as a meaningful international hockey event because of the gimmick teams. It is exciting exhibition hockey and nothing more. Get two real countries in there instead. Imagine if a soccer fan who knew nothing about hockey asked who won the World Cup: "Oh, North America won, which is players from the USA and Canada, but it wasn't their best players, it was only the players under 23. They beat team Europe, which is all the best players of any age from any country in Europe that isn't Finland, Sweden, Russia and the Czech Republic". It's a joke.
  2. I logged in for the first time in months just to tell you (pmalina) to ignore the guy who says this shouldn't be its own thread. This is a great thread, should continue as its own thread each game. It is a good idea, and don't worry about the people who say it isn't "scientific" enough - the bottom line is that this is just an indication as to the fan base's opinion on how each player performed. I, for one, find it particularly interesting when I missed the game (as I did last night) and am curious as to how particular players performed. This poll tells me a lot more than the stat sheet does, even if it isn't the "perfect" way to truly evaluate performance. Good job. Keep it up.
  3. Wow. I was actually expecting a really inspired effort after what happened in LA and Anaheim. This was surprising and disappointing. I thought this team had more heart and character - I guess I was wrong.
  4. Obviously a terrible outcome, but I don't have a huge problem with it. We were playing pretty even with them until the game got out of hand with unlucky bounces (1st goal), and an own goal (Hamhuis). I didn't hate the way the Canucks played in this game actually, and of course, once it was 4-0 (and the shots were even at that point), the Canucks sort of gave up and took a lot of penalties. This stuff happens and I'm not too worried about the team. What worries me the most, however, is that Devorski is handing out 7 minute penalties, openly calling Kassian an asshole (plus throwing him out of games for no reason) and, for those of you who didn't notice, Devorski went over to the Ducks bench and had a laugh with Getzlaf right after he called the 7 minute 5-on-3 and got chewed out by Tortorella (go to 1:55 of Makaveli's video to see it - that video cuts it off early, but it really bugged me that Devorski would go laugh with the opposition after clearly infuriating the Canucks). What if we get this guy in the playoffs? I have no faith that there won't be bias and that Kassian won't get thrown for nothing.
  5. You're wrong. This is what happened, Gagner said something to Kassian, Kassian made the "what's this?" comment, then Gadzic went nuts because it was a pretty low blow, and so Kassian chirped Gadzic back. Anyway, the incident itself isn't a big deal, I just think it's important that we don't lose our objectivity when being fans.
  6. Astounding. Simply astounding. It is so incredibly clear that Kassian is chirping at Gagner. Deb, your homerism is off the charts. In the screen cap of the video that you posted, you can see Gagner's jaw visor on the right side of the frame. I am 100% positive that if the roles were reversed, all of you would be saying that it was a gesture about the jaw protector. And you would be right, because that's what happened. Seriously people, I've been on this forum for more than 10 years, I don't post often, but I get so frustrated by your blatant bias and whining, I have to respond. It's getting worse and worse. Back in 2003, this kind of insanity was much more rare. It's concerning and embarrassing. Kassian was mocking Gagner. Doesn't really matter much, but don't pretend it didn't happen.
  7. Honestly, It is pretty obvious that Kassian was gesturing about Gagner's jaw visor. Sometimes the homerism on here is astounding. I understand that passion can alter one's perception on things, but there must be some objectivity and reasonableness left in there somewhere, right? Those of you who think "that's not what going on there" or "he's 'throat slashing'", your opinion is simply wrong. Personally, I don't love what Kass did there, but then again, I don't really care too much.
  8. This is my annual obligatory contribution to this thread. Wow. Definition of a failed post. Yes - we want the guy who scored both goals in one of the franchises most important games.
  9. Advice:

    Get some perspective and learn to live with it.

  10. i don't find your religious references humourous at all. in fact they are kinda offensive

  11. This thread... wow. So ridiculous. Burrows = 23g Brown = 6g Pettinger = 1g Krog = 0g
  12. I love this thread. Classic. I've never actually posted in it, but back-to-back hat tricks warrant a post. Well done Alex! Oh dear clutch....