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  1. As soon as we start to ease restrictions more, we are going to see it spike up again and things will close again I fear. Working outside in the community I’m already seeing huge lack of distancing with in the past few days. Now the warm weather is here..
  2. He actually has a good singing voice.. Sure it's studio but wow!
  3. China has the other 50%. They just aren't telling us this.
  4. US sure seems like a 3rd would country...
  5. Part time for the most part. The city I work for laid off all the part time people 2 weeks ago. They are keeping all full time people on including rec staff who are full time.
  6. Oh man that 3 on nothing was gold. Marky wanted to kill the whole team that day!
  7. Well I do blame the Chinese Government... The cover ups and lack of care for food in that country is a joke.
  8. If not already have. Most people are NOT being tested in Brazil.
  9. You can buy a tiger for 2000!!!
  10. Wife’s test came back negative! Back to work I go!!! And please stop talking about bloody trump so much. That’s all my dad talks about and it’s driving me insane !!!
  11. Thanks man! Yah it’s hard on everyone! And I do agree with you on Dr Bonnie.
  12. I agree. Health care workers are already working huge amount of hours here every week. My wife is almost double shifting at the hospital and life labs HQ every week. Apparently she needs time off though. I’ve not seen my wife In like 3 weeks due to her working.
  13. This country should of been on lock down over a week ago. Pretty boy didn't want to hurt his image i guess.
  14. My wife said there are a few people in the ICU that are in their earlier 20s 30s at abbotsford hospital with the virus.