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  1. Doesn't mean or do anything. Nothing will change unless INDIA and CHINA and USA get on board. We are but a drop in a pool.
  2. China sucks! No wonder so many of them are leaving for greener pastures it other countries. One day it will fall apart..
  3. A lot of the so called fans watching the parade didn't know who half the Blues players even were...!
  4. So apparently if you want to the the Cup, just have a bunch of Canadian kids on your team
  5. They sure don't celebrate like hockey players do hahaha
  6. At least he could of banged her the killed her.............. Or rule beside her and hit it every night after burning a new village!
  7. They should remake this season. The writing has been terrible and all over the place. Season 8 should of been all about the white walkers..
  8. Season 8 has been horrendous. That was terrible writing once again.. ! The last and only dragon all of a sudden can single handedly defeat a whole city and it's defences... She wrecks a whole fleet but just days ? weeks ? earlier she ran from 25 ships ???? Don't get me started on the big dude who doesn't die....
  9. well the great battle was a great disappointment..! From start to finish it was terribly written. The undead were destroying the living like crazy pushing through 100s a men as if it were a hot knife in butter.... But when they breach the castle, a small group of men that never seems to get smaller can hold them off for 25 mins well we watch a game of hide and seek..
  10. Time for Nashville to blow it up and not hold onto the core too long like that Canucks did.