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  1. It would take damage, but no major missile would make it through the 3 lines of defence...
  2. The shock and Aw would be so huge in the first 24 hours on strikes on North korea it would be insane. I don't think the Commies would have any combat ready aircraft after the first hour lol..
  3. I wouldn't vote for either.. sanders was my choice...
  4. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=cdc_1469207830 First moments of the shooting.. Pretty said. Warning to some viewers...
  5. They should worry more about blacks killing blacks.. That is the major issue here. After all it's like 90% of the homicides in the US..
  6. Too bad it failed. The current turkish government is pushing the country into dark ages...
  7. Get some...
  8. Watch France go bomb ISIS in Syria and Iraq now and kill a bunch of civilians... After all I think we kill about x10 more of there civilians then they do of ours.
  9. I just started back up 2 weeks ago. Really love the zone overhauls they did for cata. Its crazy that you can buy a lvl 100 now for 60 usd... seems stupid to me..
  10. Damn. Hammer was such a stud!
  11. He did nothing wrong... people are so weird..
  12. Too day at work I jumped out of my truck and forgot to put it in park.................................... I realized about 2 secound later when it started to roll...
  13. lol google translate for the win!
  14. It comes with an adaptor to fit into our walls here.