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  1. [PGT] Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Vancouver Canucks

  2. New topic for kevin spacy yet? Rumor has it they are pulling house of cards..
  3. Green will be gone in a few years hopefully! Play the kids!!!!
  4. [PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Love it. Can't wait for the owners to sell. And fire Trevor well they are at it. They don't want to rebuild.
  5. I'm on season 4 episode 2!!! So nice having all these seasons already finished!!!
  6. Good. Screw the owners. Maybe they will lower the bloody beer and food prices....
  7. Yah, after reading a lot of the comments I tend to agree with you. A friend of ours just had a very positive experience at the ER.
  8. So last week I took my wife to royal Columbian ER... My wife had terrible pain in her foot after our 8 hour hike up burke mountian. After a 3 hour wait and check up, the doctor told her it was just regular over usage and that a couple days of rest would be sufficient. He sent her away with inflammatory medication.. Well yesterday we finally managed to get into our family doctor ( week later ) it was determined that she had a double stress fracture in her foot after x rays... Shes now in a air boot and suffering.... Anyways the reason I'm posting this is because we are wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue with our terrible health care systems...........
  9. Bodycam footage shows first response http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/03/us/las-vegas-shooting-investigation/index.html
  10. OMG Hurricane?

    Was it worth it too move everyone out ????? There are groups of people going around and looting stores...
  11. McGregor vs Mayweather August 26th

    whos winning? my stream died ! It got up to 200k people LOL
  12. Here we go again folks... (CNN)A van plowed into a crowd of people in Barcelona, injuring several people, in what is "most likely" a terror attack, a Catalan police spokesman told CNN. The incident took place Thursday afternoon near the popular tourist area of Las Ramblas, which has been sealed off, according to a police spokesman. Officials said several people have been injured. They were unable to give a motive for the incident. Catalan police told everyone in the vicinity of Plaça de Catalunya to remain inside. Reuters reported that local emergency services have requested the closure of metro and train stations in the vicinity of the incident. Police told people to avoid the area. A witness told local media the situation was "very tense" and that all surrounding shops were being evacuated. The witness said at least eight ambulances were at the scene. Emergency services said the area had been cordoned off and all public transportation stopped. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy tweeted: "In contact with all administrations. Priority: tend to the injured in Las Ramblas and facilitate the work of security forces." The US Consulate in Barcelona posted on Twitter: "We are aware of a reported incident at Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Please avoid the area and monitor local police @mossos for updates." Developing story - more to com Reports of 13 dead and 50+ injured. Warning quite graphic scene... https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=081_1502985169