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  1. Why is Linden Vey still here?

    Hes a decent depth player who is still young and a small cap hit. I don't see the problem. Next year he can try to make the team again but they won't let him take a spot from higher potential prospects. He's an ideal two-way contract for the time being.
  2. The Sedins are elite offensive players who play a grinding cycle style where they are constantly taking abuse. Yet they keep on putting up points while taking the beating. Its more like a show of respect when players take a run at them and try to take them out, rather than disrespect. They do this to them out of the frustration of not being able to stop them. Sure its disrespectful to intend to injure other players, but these types of hits happen all over the league to other elite players, they are always a target. Softer players like Patrick Kane don't get targeted like the Sedins because they are tough and everybody knows it.
  3. At this point if a guy can win a fight or atleast throw a solid hit he is HIRED on this team. Cracknell, Dorsett, Pedan and Virtanen gotta bring the pain next season we need more hits!
  4. The Elbow to Henrik's head in the first 30 sec.

    Sedins are tough take alot of abuse.
  5. Its only half way through the season and not even a year into the rebuild and we have people whining already? The rebuild could take multiple seasons, so buckle up and get out the tissue papers toots because its gonna be a bumpy ride. If you're gonna cry the whole way sayin' "Are we there yet mommy?" then maybe you should hop off the wagon and save yourself a lot of grief and whiney posts in the meantime, capisce?
  6. Burrows to meet with NHL re TooToo

    Hes French.
  7. [GDT] VAN @ NJD | Sunday Nov. 8th | 2PM | SNP/MSG

    Hat Trick Tanev. Sedins collide with each other accidentally and are out for the season.
  8. Solving the defence

    All is well in Canuck land, put your head in the sand and cheer on. If we miss the playoffs we'll get more prospects. I'm growing tired of the mediocrity anyways. #TankForWhoever
  9. [PGT] 2-1 Shootout Win Vs. Ducks

    Vrbata and Burrows both played well and scored in the shootout so obviously a shout out to them.
  10. Will the pre season games be streamed online?

    I know it is being televised.... i was wondering if it was also being streamed anywhere. I guess not.
  11. I couldn't find any information confirming this anywhere.
  12. 3 on 3 overtime! Awesome!

    Prust Bartkowski Weber
  13. Building a team capable of winning the SC

    How is my point at a wash? Anyone can read back at what i said and see that its not, i wont bother. I am saying I HOPE the Canucks tank, i know that they never intentionally would.
  14. Building a team capable of winning the SC

    still first round picks buddy
  15. Building a team capable of winning the SC

    Still these examples are rare and should not and cannot be held as some sort of template. They got lucky. I stated before that Detroit was an exemption they have remained highly competitive over time, i was a big fan of the Bruins before we faced them in the finals. I still hate them. Anaheim is still being heralded by Getzlaf and Perry, that team would be nowhere without them.