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  1. Never. The Chinese have alot of money....
  2. Jagr said his key to success is living a clean life and staying in shape. The Sedins will play into their 40's at a high level.
  3. vrbata had a 31 goal season last year. you are not going to get 30 goals from ercisson or ladd beside vrbata is cheaper and probably will play better next year and get atleast 20 goals.
  5. Vrbata will remain a Canuck........... all im sayin is why not keep him with the Sedins to get his game going.
  6. Unexpected progresses make a big difference. Nobody expected Kesler or Hansen to develop the way they have. Gaunce, Horvat, Etem, Rodin, Virtanen.... alot of young players with alot of potential to be seen. Alot of forward depth nothing elite but they can grow and develop into elite players.
  7. Never go full Albertan. The Canucks will be more competitive next season than both Alberta teams. The semi-rebuild is a better approach because you negate the losing culture that exists in Edmonton. Playing on the worst team in the league for multiple years hampers a players development and they never reach their full potential. You need veterans on your team who are good role models like the Sedin's and Hamhuis (which is why I am glad he was not traded). Injuries played a big role this season and Vrbata was very inconsistent. I believe Vrbata will be better next year and Willie would be wise too give him more minutes with the Sedin's to ensure it. The Canucks basically were missing two top 6 forwards most of the season with Sutter injured and Vrbata playing sub-par. Tanev and Hamhuis also missed alot of games. I expect the Canucks to make the playoffs next year, Calgary and Edmonton will continue to tank and fail to build a team out of the high end picks.
  8. Hes a decent depth player who is still young and a small cap hit. I don't see the problem. Next year he can try to make the team again but they won't let him take a spot from higher potential prospects. He's an ideal two-way contract for the time being.
  9. The Sedins are elite offensive players who play a grinding cycle style where they are constantly taking abuse. Yet they keep on putting up points while taking the beating. Its more like a show of respect when players take a run at them and try to take them out, rather than disrespect. They do this to them out of the frustration of not being able to stop them. Sure its disrespectful to intend to injure other players, but these types of hits happen all over the league to other elite players, they are always a target. Softer players like Patrick Kane don't get targeted like the Sedins because they are tough and everybody knows it.
  10. At this point if a guy can win a fight or atleast throw a solid hit he is HIRED on this team. Cracknell, Dorsett, Pedan and Virtanen gotta bring the pain next season we need more hits!
  11. Sedins are tough take alot of abuse.
  12. Its only half way through the season and not even a year into the rebuild and we have people whining already? The rebuild could take multiple seasons, so buckle up and get out the tissue papers toots because its gonna be a bumpy ride. If you're gonna cry the whole way sayin' "Are we there yet mommy?" then maybe you should hop off the wagon and save yourself a lot of grief and whiney posts in the meantime, capisce?
  13. Hes French.
  14. Hat Trick Tanev. Sedins collide with each other accidentally and are out for the season.
  15. All is well in Canuck land, put your head in the sand and cheer on. If we miss the playoffs we'll get more prospects. I'm growing tired of the mediocrity anyways. #TankForWhoever