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  1. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    beat me to it. I hope schroeder can live up to everyones high hopes. Really seems like a sure thing. It's too bad he can't compete in the rookie games
  2. Canucks look alikes

    2 people making the same facial expression is not what you'd call a lookalike. The best ones i've seen people come up with are... -Salo and Boo Ridley was his name? Good one -Hodgson and Leiv Schrieber...Omg they are total twins! Just one is aged. Wow... Good one -Mats Sundin and Mr.Clean (so fitting it even rhymes) And the one that made me laugh the hardest on the SI version... -Lidstrom and Neil Patrick Harris I don't even care if they aren't identical twins, It's NPH man! that's hilarious!
  3. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    I'm stoked he fell so far and to us. I like most people wanted a D-Man, but when a talent like this drops so far, you have to snatch him. Hes only 18, almost 19 i suppose but, I know plenty of guys who have grown 3+ inches from 19-21. Some people grow late, I'm not promising you all he'll break 6 feet. But its doubtful 5'8" will be his final height. Wooooooo Shredder! I'm calling him Shredder and not the Wizard. Who can we realisticly pickup tommorrow? Elliot seems unlikely unless our luck Continues. Tatar probably unrealistic as well? Any prospect junkies got an idea who we could land 53rd?