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  1. thought it would be the Wyatt's with Bryan. Did not see Evolution working together either. Overall fantastic episode.
  2. hah rey taunting the fans. that's great.
  3. sounds like undertaker was badly injured.
  4. they need to make it just one belt.
  5. oh right on his back.
  6. oh that was sick
  7. wyatts or the shield who saves bryan?
  8. did the ref check his 3-count before going through with it?
  9. it'd be hilarious if that was botched.
  10. really?! oh wow
  11. cannot be upset with him straight up tossing the bigshow out.
  12. who is this? King Leoric?
  13. i liked them as a group. Never really saw Ambrose as a tag team guy though. sucks cause i like all three (other than Rollins finisher) I really thought the Shield would stick it out with the Authority. Daniel Bryan and the Wyatts should have become some kind of rebellion.
  14. shane jumping off the "titantron?"
  15. i usually have raw on in that background and barely pay attention. this crowd has been something else.