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  1. After sitting through that crap game on Saturday I really don't see how the Canucks manage to compete in this game. I was so excited to go to the game but it felt like I was watching an all star team take on a bunch of juniors. I think they get out-worked in every facet of this game, Rangers are way better than Boston. 6-2 Rags. (I hope not though).
  2. I'm old and don't understand this Pokemon stuff. Why is Hansen shown as an old guy? Either way, amazing game thread. Good job man!
  3. What were the odds you got?
  4. Pretty sure he was riding the bench for most of the third. I don't recall him being out there until near the end.
  5. You probably got terrible odds if you just laid that bet down.... should have jumped off the wagon earlier and laid the cash before the series.
  6. That shut the crowd up real quick
  7. Holy crap!
  8. Am I the only one that gets incredibly annoyed when those Honda commercials with that crappy music come on? Holy crap I hate them.
  9. Wow. Great saves by Pavelic
  10. haha ugh, then a real weak goal
  11. Vrbata is amazing. Love this guy.
  12. CRUSHED by the hammer
  13. Sven looking good.
  14. Looking at the odds of this game I'm very surprised to see the Jets are very heavily favored (Canucks 2.30 / Jets 1.67). I still think the Canucks take this, but it will be close. Canucks 3-2 OT/SO win is my prediction.... but the odds make it seem like it will be 5-2 WPG.