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  1. [Rumor] Ryan Miller to Vancouver Thread

    Despite his price, Ryan Miller is an absolute gift to the Canucks if we can get him for 2 or 3 years while gradually giving Lack more and more opportunities. We have the cash and although many people want Hiller for a cheaper price I really don't see them as comparable goalies. Miller's downfall with the Blues came with injuries and a team that crawled their way into the playoffs despite an amazing ~70ish game record. Miller is a franchise goalie and would definitely compliment this team.
  2. Mike Gillis Team 1040 Interview

    I see we have also made top story on TSN with this. Perhaps Toronto is just trying to divert attention from its epic collapse and coach problems of their own.
  3. Mike Gillis Team 1040 Interview

    Daren Millard is a piece of trash.... just trying to work up something that isn't there. Toronto media trying to stir it.... this makes me sick.
  4. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?

    Sad and unfortunate, I agree.
  5. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?

    This guy knows what he's talking about.
  6. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?

    If only eh... haha. Im playin' either way.
  7. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?

    haha I did forget that.... you're right, probably $300'ish $100 bet would pay around $1500. Oh the temptations.
  8. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?

    I certainly agree.
  9. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?

    It's really nice seeing all of the "other guys" scoring as well. Kassian, Booth, Richardson, Matthias, Jensen..... seems like a breath of fresh air. Really good to see these guys clicking.
  10. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?

    Best idea I've heard all day. Definitely doing this. A guess at the odds... Canucks on Saturday probably ~1.91, Min v Pho ~1.80, Min v Kings ~1.57, Min v Hawks ~1.53... $20 would pay $165. Done deal.
  11. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?

    ...and I must say.... FINALLY a Saturday night game that feels like it means something. Gonna try and sit through another Leafs loss then sit back, crack a beer and enjoy a meaningful Nucks game.
  12. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?

    I feel bad because I got caught up with a troll.... ....But Deb is takin' care of business.
  13. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?

    Somebody in another thread yesterday mentioned about us being able to catch Minny. I immediately dismissed it, but with the "streak" that Phoenix is on, I really think that catching them is more realistic. They look extremely bothered. In fact, they play the Yotes on Saturday....then the Hawks and Kings on the road. If they lose all three and we win Saturday and Tues against the Rags....by next Thursday we could be within 2 points of them with the same amount of games played.
  14. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?

    I honestly don't know what to say.
  15. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?

    "yep, similar to the one the people saying we're going to go 7-0 have" Still looks like an uneducated person wrote this.