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  1. Pass the torch to Markstorm already

    PLEASE don't start this crap again... No more Luongo-gate situations! You all messed up a good thing, talking like that, it's dangerous
  2. I Think Alex Edler is a Liability

    I've noticed he's been doing a lot of Mason Raymond-style falling
  3. Who did those drawings, they are fantastic!
  4. [PGT] Penguins 3-2 Canucks

    Can't win when you go 0-4 on the PP and you let in a SHG!
  5. All I have to say is... Hola Chrome Extension
  6. Sportsnet packages

    With Telus, you need to either get ALL the sports channels (SPORTSNETs, TSNs, etc) or none. You can't pick and choose those channels, unfortunately.
  7. [Video] Virtanen and Prust get into fight

    I don't understand the "cancer" comment.

    Wait, are you saying you don't want Corrado on this team? I can understand the sentiment for Vey... But come on!
  9. [Article] Why not Cody Franson

    Please, no more Leafs players!
  10. [Poll] Which free agent dman should the Canucks get?

    Make an attempt at Tarasenko!
  11. Do you think we make the playoffs next year?

    Yes, Calgary won't repeat and LA will fight for wildcard spot.
  12. Here's an idea... Trade Miller for Luongo and Lack for Schneider. Ok, problem solved!
  13. All-Time Canucks First Names

  14. Canucks dream team

    There is NO way Burrows beats Sundin in this... Not a chance!