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  1. I haven't been this disgusted by a loss in a long time. I guess because now we expect our team to play well.
  2. Markie's stock is rising. We are apparently incapable of winning a hockey game without him
  3. Good luck with that! The side streets in the suburbs get no snow removal until it's almost melted. Then the plows come by and take large chunks of the asphalt out lol
  4. It's not snow season until I post in this thread! Holy blizzard! Be safe everyone
  5. 2 big road wins and great recovery after 2 poor games in Florida. That's the kind of maturity and confidence we want to see from the boys. PS - great to see Papa Boeser in da house
  6. Did anyone catch paramedics going into the Canucks locker room during After Hours?
  7. Fair point. I'm stuck in 2011 when all our wins were convincing and dominant
  8. They've been getting the results but the process is not there in my opinion. They've been outplayed in almost every game and Markstrom's had to hold the fort
  9. Poor fans. Probably paid good money to be there
  10. Agreed. Most of the 24 shots have been low quality
  11. Rough game. We've taken the crowd right out of it during a night where there was a festive vibe to start