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  1. What the hell happened to this show!? I lost interest and haven't watched in 2 seasons but was watching randomly the other day. It was a scene with Maggie, Sasha and Jesus (??) getting attacked and they had this random classical music in the background. Totally didn't fit the show
  2. I love how hungry Stetcher is for the puck at the point. He wants it on his stick
  3. You're the life of the party I'd say
  4. Nice to see an atmosphere at the game. Energy is dead at Rogers lately
  5. Good tilt!!
  6. Apparently he's a Friends fan. Love how he imitates "it's Joey!"
  7. Jesus. The one game in weeks that I've had time to watch
  8. Markstrom has GOT to work on his body language after giving up a goal. The tantrums are a sign of immaturity
  9. What the hell is on Markstrom's mask!?
  10. You can tell that the Sedins are actually trying to get the puck to Stetcher. Shows how much confidence they have in him
  11. What does our goal horn sound like?
  12. Looks like the Canucks of last year.
  13. Larsen looked like a kid there. Too weak on the puck
  14. Not a fan of Markstrom's body language after giving up a goal. Shows a lot of frustration. Needs to chill and refocus