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  1. Phenomenal game! Kessel in OT was
  2. I'm a huge Crosby fan but this was a brutal non call. Should have been a game misconduct
  3. Anyone watching Pens vs Isles? What a pleasure to watch such a fast and skillful game. Miss when Canucks games used to be this good. And Doc Emrick isn't calling the game so that's an added bonus!
  4. This would all be so much easier if we could just put on some highlights of our Stanley Cup win from 2011
  5. Botched zone entry by the Sedins started all of this
  6. I think it's weird too. Way too many "illness" related scratches lately
  7. Ryan Miller is a champ for continuing to play despite the fact that we've thrown in the towel. I mean, I guess it's raising his value because he's playing so well but it's gotta be painful to do this
  8. Agreed. And he never shows frustration at his team mates to the media. Ton of respect for that and for his compete level
  9. Lol so they go to the room but keep their gear on and wait??
  10. Yeah honestly. Stop it Miller!
  11. Making the Canucks look like a capable hockey team
  12. Would love Kevin Dineen as our coach. I have such good memories of him from Sochi
  13. Good. End it in regulation
  14. Can we just give them the 2 points and move on?