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  1. I actually have a smile on my face watching. This is a great game
  2. Meh. He sounded very non committal about his future here in his press conference. If he's not willing to put in the work to be here we don't want him. That's going to be a key during this rebuild. Building the team around people who want to be here
  3. I'd rather be us - tank and get a high pick - than be the Flames - swept in the first round
  4. I didn't realize that Andersen is such a good goalie
  5. Wow, WD just made me fall in love with hockey even more than before (if that's possible) All class, such passion
  6. Anyone listening to WD's presser? He's showing complete class. Called JB "outstanding" and said they never once had a fight. There goes my theory about a lack of alignment between coaches and management. Interesting that he has mentioned Benning but not Linden....just me being a conspiracy theorist
  7. It is my personal opinion that the Canucks are cursed and the hockey gods hate us. We've just had too much bad luck as a franchise. I propose that we all pray in the lead up to the draft in an attempt to swing the Gods in our favour. Otherwise we will drop to a lower spot in the draft and all this will have been for nothing. Please hockey gods, give us either the #1 or #2 pick!!
  8. The bye week sounds like something that none of the teams have really embraced. I think it's more of a hindrance than anything
  9. I feel like with a proper system, Loui can be effective. It's hard to come on to a new team where you don't know how things have been in the past, and then have no system in place to tell you what to do
  10. Baer sound like a fun guy
  11. Tanny is just going to break apart and crumble into dust one of these days
  12. I just don't like the idea of taking it from someone who is still doing "Captain-like" things for the club, despite not producing the #'s. We don't hear about all the little things, but Hank and Danny are still the leaders of this team. You look at how they've impacted Bo, Tryamkin, etc...their role is even more important right now, with so many youth coming on to the team. I'm not in favour of stripping it, because even as a symbolic title, it means something to have Hank wear the C
  13. Agreed. But given our media, they will probably still formulate a scenario where Hank was pressured to give it up behind the scenes. I'd rather see Hank keep it till he retires. It's just a letter after all. Bo can continue to evolve as a leader even without the C