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  1. A wind warning today would have been good Anyone know of any outdoor rinks in or close to Burnaby? I've got a real itch to lace em up!
  2. Honestly. Brutal planning on the part of Environment Canada. People are totally unprepared and the roads are horrible. I'm cancelling my new years plans and staying in. Not worth the risk. Be safe everyone
  3. Congrats on 800 games Burrito! Amazing perseverance
  4. Mix up the teams and scrimmage in the 3rd period!
  5. The irony is that the day before the very first snowfall, I mowed the lawn. Haven't seen the grass since that day
  6. Woah what in the hell! Honey Badger has a dark side!
  7. Ugh why did we have to be win #500
  8. Still coming down hard
  9. Been awhile since we got hit this hard
  10. Not sure if this has been discussed already but I was just watching the American feed of the incident and saw that Jacob Markstrom was standing right in front of a fan who was trying to take pics or video of the incident. You can see Markstrom telling him not to do that. Big respect to him for that. Dumb fan - no respect
  11. What the hell happened to this show!? I lost interest and haven't watched in 2 seasons but was watching randomly the other day. It was a scene with Maggie, Sasha and Jesus (??) getting attacked and they had this random classical music in the background. Totally didn't fit the show
  12. I love how hungry Stetcher is for the puck at the point. He wants it on his stick
  13. You're the life of the party I'd say
  14. Nice to see an atmosphere at the game. Energy is dead at Rogers lately