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  1. I was wondering why Dan Murphy was tweeting line combos at 8pm and then I realized they're in Beijing!
  2. Markie's in midseason form I see! Hoping we don't get preseason injuries
  3. Wooooo, great to have Canucks hockey back on TV! Can we please start a campaign for Markstrom to get a new mask
  4. Absolutely unreal! Nashville might just be the best Hockeytown I have seen in a long time. This performance will have benefits for years in the city. It is cultivating a new generation of hockey fans. Maybe the first generation of hockey fans in that city. Full marks to the Predators
  5. He didn't make the decisions, absolutely. But I don't think he has the mentality of a winner. Dating all the way back to the Vancouver Olympics, he operated like a one man team. He'd dangle the puck into the zone and expect to beat 5 Canadians, when he has teammates open in better spots. There are times when he's been allowed to stay on for the full 2 minutes of a PP, even if he wasn't generating anything. To me I have never seen Ovechkin make a sacrifice for the team. It's all about his image. He's all about the name on the back. Trotz had the guts to drop him to the 3rd line and he opted to say nothing about Ovechkin's performance today rather than say something negative, but to me, that says it all. Even the coach has seen enough and he's willing to admit it even if it means Leonsis fires him
  6. I think he's spot on. I've always felt that both Leonsis and Team Russia let Ovechkin run the show, rather than holding him accountable
  7. Anyone on Twitter, check out the timeline of Slava Malamund. Perfectly summarizes the woes of Ovechkin and the Capitals.
  8. Wow. Well what now for Washington? Will Ovechkin go down as the greatest player never to win the Cup?
  9. When kids in elementary school were reading picture books, I would bring in the Vancouver Sun Sports page and read Iain Macintyre's articles about the Canucks. He has greatly influenced what I expect to get out of reading an article. He did an amazing thing tough - leaving his job so that a young person can have his spot. He will be missed. Best of luck to him.
  10. I want the Pens to beat the Caps, but non-selfishly, I think Crosby needs to not play hockey right now, so it's best that he gets a break. I am seriously scared about his quality of life moving forward 10 or 20 or 30 years from now.
  11. I'm not a fan of Gibson's goaltending at all. Miller would have been a great fit with that veteran group of players
  12. After all the overtimes, finally a game 7!
  13. Congrats Nashville! Well deserved. Turning into a great hockey town
  14. sounds that way. hopefully we get more sustained calm for the foreseeable future after this storm!
  15. hmm should be interesting. it's rare for us to get thunder and lightning warnings. i still remember that incredible storm we had that one year right at the same time as the fireworks. some very cool pics that people took from that be safe everybody