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  1. We didn't deserve to win this series. Standing O to the boys. Wow what an effort
  2. This team completely impresses me. They did not need to battle this hard in the last two games. The minute we went down to 3-1, they could have mailed it in and given up on their season. They have already exceeded expectations and I’m sure they all want to get home to their families. Instead they stayed and fought and forced the game 7. So proud of this group. Rest up boys
  3. We don't deserve to win this game. Plain and simple. Can't take 4 tries to clear the zone every time
  4. So clearly Boeser lost a cousin and was emotional yesterday. He's also clearly not playing to his potential. I understand that there are bigger things than hockey in a person's life. I mean, especially right now, I think we have all seen that priorities have shifted away from wins and losses to bigger social issues. However, I feel like since Boeser has been a Canuck, he constantly has issues going on in his personal life that seem to impact his play on the ice. We know his dad is ill. That's gotta be massively tough. We know he's lost a close buddy. Now his cousin passed away. I get it - none of this is easy. But we also know Markstrom's dad passed away. And Stetcher's. I feel like Boeser either needs to take time to be with his family if he feels that's what is best for him, or else he needs to focus on the game while he's out there. there is no shame in walking away and prioritizing people in your life. But his performance on the ice is clearly impacted by what is going on off the ice, which is understandable and what I would expect of most human beings. It is just very unfortunate for him that there are so many things happening that seem to be impacting him to the point where he has not had a season where he’s living up to his potential for a few years
  5. Label me as impressed. I know we were still outchanced but I didn't expect us to even be able to keep up Keep fighting boys
  6. We cannot make Ryan Reeves the Dustin Byfuglien of this series. He's nothing. Ignore him and move on