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  1. Carwin, Velasquez, and Nogueira are all injured right now. Not even talking about Lesnar here. GSP wants to wrestle in the 2012 Olympics. Next TUF would most likely feature GSP and Hardy, Canada vs UK.
  2. Torch? Passed to Lesnar? All that after only beating Mir? Well, Fedor beat 30 Mirs and then some. Just stop
  3. Steroids never work out in the long run.
  4. By a goal in game SEVEN, you said it yourself. When it comes to rules, championships, fairness, and so on UFC is a joke compared to leagues like NHL.
  5. Man, that cut was nasty.
  6. There was a UFC roundtable today at GM Place. Watch Global news tonight.
  7. Frank Mir is in town. Go to GNC in New West.