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  1. Hilarious that people still believe the fairytale that is the "official story" Ignorance is bliss I guess
  2. It's a head scratcher from Ottawa's perspective, given they're a budget team. Mika is 5 years younger, cost controlled and they have his rights longer. Brassard is the better player currently, but he won't be for long. Great for the Rangers though. They clear cap, get younger and will have the better player very soon
  3. Exactly. Good on Ray Shero
  4. He would become a distraction so fast. He definitely wouldn't do well in a fishbowl type market like Vancouver
  5. Why the hell would the Habs take on that contract? Crazy day on the trade front , wow
  6. Beyond relieved this time, if true
  7. My friends all quit so my clan is pretty dead. I'll try and join you guys
  8. Thanks for proving once again you are a complete ignoramus
  9. Buffalo GM Tim Murray basically saying that he will offer him $12 mil per year. Yikes.
  10. Where did I say it was a hoax? I believe people died but what we are being told is a complete lie, as always. And of course no response to the actual information I posted, thanks for your positive input to the discussion as always
  11. Nice spin but the deal the Penguins signed him to was bad, Bennings was just plain awful. Highest paid forward that's only hit 40 pts once in his entire career, which was more than six years ago. He's a 4.375 million dollar 3rd liner, that's the reality
  12. Rookie mistake by someone that has been a manager in the league for a whole decade. Seems to be full of rookie mistakes
  13. Benning will pay him what he wants as he did with the absolutely ridiculous Dorsett, Sbisa and Sutter contracts
  14. Judge Napolitano on fox news: "The FBI transcript shows that nobody died until after 5:13AM when the swat team entered" Official narrative is a lie, what a shock
  15. Benning and Co have been constantly guilty of talking out of both sides of their mouth. Signing Lucic would only be fitting for them. "Only way out of our situation is through the draft and developing players..."we value character first and foremost". It's a foregone conclusion and the worst kept secret in the NHL that Lucic is coming here. Only silver lining that I can find is that at least we get to see him with the Sedin's. We will be a lottery team once again next year but at least we will be entertained along the way, unlike this past season. Cue the minuses