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  1. Yea at least when we finished last next year we are guaranteed fourth. 6,5,5,4th. We'll get to that elusive top 3 eventually
  2. No Canucks should take Cale Makar at 5 if he is there and call it a day. That's a massive win at that spot.
  3. Exactly. This just prolongs the rebuild as we get another project player. Gonna be a painful 3-4 years minimum
  4. The easy scapegoat. As awful as Willie is as a coach, Benning is just as bad as GM and frankly there should be far more pitchforks aimed his way than there are currently. Guess he bought himself another year by doing this.
  5. Watched the video and whole things bizarre. That cameraman must have some serious balls guy gets shot right in front of him and he doesn't even flinch? Then he zooms out and points the camera at the shooter that is less than 30 ft away from him and the shooter even points the gun at him briefly and again, doesn't even flinch and continues to film the whole thing. Anyones natural instinct would be to get the &^@# out of there not stand literally right in front of the guy filming him screaming Alahu Akbar and waiving his gun around. Doesn't drop to the ground or anything
  6. Drew Miller plays for Detroit and is Ryan's brother...JT Miller plays for the Rangers and is not Ryan's brother..
  7. Elites practice disgusting occult rituals? You don't say..
  8. Maybe we have zero dynamic offensive players and have done nothing to address that from last year after being last in goals that can't be it
  9. It is when you have done pretty much fck all to address setting a record low for Goals For in a season
  10. Instead of pushing Horvat's cerebral part of his game they've pigeonholed him as a drive to the net, one move defensive centre. He's shown that he has playmaking ability in the past, but of course given his linemates and WD's comments, management is showing that they are not trying to develop that aspect at all. Unbelievably frustrating as I know Horvat has an all around offensive game that is untapped
  11. Jake getting 4th line at best minutes which is probably what he can handle at this point. Hey here's an idea management: how about stop thinking short term and think long term for once and develop your most important pick to date properly? I know, not likely to happen
  12. Was obvious to literally anyone who wasn't on managements nuts, which on here, aren't very many. When drafting in the top end of the first round there is one key characteristic you look for other than hockey IQ of course: can this player make those around him better? Usually that goes hand in hand with hockey IQ, but not always. It was obvious from the get go Jake wasn't a player to do that. That isn't to say Jake won't be a solid player, but just not one worthy of 6th overall
  13. He was never going to make the team out of camp because Larsen was penciled in to run our PP from the moment we traded for him(which is absurd for a KHL castaway). Even though Stecher outplayed him at every turn, it didn't matter. I know we'll probably see Troy sooner rather than later and he will be playing big minutes, but it bothers me that based off of his play and the fact that Linden specifically stated they will take the best 23 players no matter what, that they still sent him down. My prediction: Larsen will show incapable of handling 5 on 5 play in the regular season and put on waivers in a few months and Stecher is up with the big club like he deserves.
  14. TSN Radio Vancouver @TSN10404mWD on Subban: It's a little bit his habits in practice, he needs to get more structure defensively. He knows what he needs to do So why wouldn't you have him go through MORE practices with you instead of making him sit at home waiting for Utica main camp?
  15. Exactly. How guys like Negrin, McEneny and even STEWART outlasted him tells you everything you need to know about management's view of Subban. Must be pretty disheartening from Jordan's pov.