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  1. Adam Gaudette | C

  2. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Still kills me.we didnt have better luck and get Laine that year. Petterson and Laine would be lights out.
  3. Yes I have heard as well that they want to wait until after the long weekend to get more eyes on it for ticket sales as well.
  4. Joelevi Boeser goldobin gaudette are not eligible. Jankovic is not even a canuck prospect.
  5. Adam Gaudette | C

    Tbh I doubt they retire next year. I think they play another few years to see this thing through with the young swedes and up and comers. Likely in a 2nd then 3rd line role and well reduced contracts. If they are smart about it they might catch on our resurgence year ala toronto and edmonton this year. If we can grab a game breaker rookie at the top of next years draft we are well on our way.
  6. Yes he posted lots on here before in previous drafts SNYPERS. He actually had a lot great insight and much better analysis than the majority of hacks on here. He was quite dedicated to it which is why he was part of that elite prospects site. Whats wrong with sportsnet using analysis from people who watch an incredible amount of hockey of these prospects? Wouldnt you prefer that over an ex nhler turned analyst that doesnt watch these guys at all an just uses information from others anyways?
  7. [Rumour] Nail Yakupov has interest signing with Canucks

    I dont think its a situation of 0 teams wanting to sign him. I think he likely has decent paying options in Russia and most teams dont want to pay to match. He will likely need to lower his asking price before he gets action. He will be signed if so Im sure.
  8. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Actual size and weight is less important than strength and balance. Every year you are seeing more young players well under 200 doing just fine in the nhl. Speed and skill is what its about... we know this. Happy with this pick.
  9. Optimism and a First for the Canucks Org

    The goal this season for management should be to acquire another 1st round pick and another 2nd round pick in trades. Try to add a player or two on 1 year deals to be moved at the deadline and move Tanev for the first rounder and prospect We need to try to get another 1st round D talent with our top pick that has top pair.potential and a top 6 potential dman in the 2nd round. Ideally then we have another first to add another forward to the cupboard. I feel this will give us the talent pool to start our climb.
  10. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    I could see him being brought in after a year in shl as with dahlen. Would expect sedins to be re-signed for 1 year deals as a mentorship year to bring these kids along. SHL or AHL either way its pro with men. If not maybe just Dahlen to ride shotgun with the twins for a year as 3rd liners.
  11. So whats our new top 5 for round 2? Who should we be hoping falls to our later 2nd?
  12. So what picks does vegas have right now? Apparently they are moving up to 2nd overall. I wonder what picks they are packaging.
  13. I agree 100% that puck moving defenseman are incredibly valuable. Anyone who has played forward in organized hockey would agree that your offense is stifled when you don't have dmen able to get the puck out of the zone and in the hands of the wingers on the breakout. I was disagreeing with the statement that offense is only in the offensive zone and defense in the your own end. My point is you begin playing offense in the D zone and vice versa.
  14. Your offensive attack starts on your own end from the moment you regain control of the puck. Goalies that play the puck well can start your offensive attack just like a defenseman. It all starts from a good break out. Thats hockey 101. Just like your defensive scheme ties in to how your system sets up offensively because defensive plays starts in the offensive zone as soon as you have lost possession. Its a positional chess match in all zones. So I have to disagree you.
  15. That Dahlin kids a bloody freak. He might be the mcdavid of defensive prospects. I would be phenomenally excited to land that kid on the 2018 draft. Atleast we know we will be in contention.