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  1. Skillee players are always considered more risky than meat and potato guys because people wonder if the skill will translate to a pro game. Now a days its a speed and skill game. Its less of a concern for me now. The same was said of ehlers and nylander which is why virtanen was the pick. This draft we need to replace skill and take our chances.
  2. Lets just get 1 or 2 and not have to worry about this whole debate. Hurry up april 29th. Dont know why they have to wait so damn long and let all of us basement feeders drown in our misery watching playoffs.
  3. I think JB would be fine bringing on Drouin. He is exactly what the canucks need to set up guys like Boeser, Goldy, etc. A line of Drouin - Horvat - Boeser would be unreal. I would trade Tanev and our own 2nd. If we fall to 5th I would almost consider trading it for Drouin.
  4. I wish they could do a little mini tournament after the nhl season ends and before the draft that would be a best of 5 in the city the draft is held. Sort of like the chl top prospects game but any draft eligible player could play. Top 26 forwards top 15 dmen top 4 goalies. It would be pretty neat to watch a series like this and see how the best of the best do against each other with all eyes on them.
  5. Tyson Jost....
  6. From what I have watched of Valardi he has flashes of Getzlaf with his ability to protect the puck and be patient to make a play. However Getzlaf is lazy and Valardi seems to be more hard working. Getzlaf is obviously incredibly skilled and Valardi would have a long way to go but he uses his big frame well like Getz.
  7. Yeah all of the Edler not wanting to stuff came prior to our last 2 years in the basement. After winning so much early on in his career 2 brutal years of losing all of the time can change your mind in a hurry. The hockey side of him should still have a burning desire to win. Maybe threaten a buy out?
  8. Boeser is looking great. Really showong some next level finish. One of those guys that the puck finds a way in the net for. We have really needed a threat on that side of the ice on the PP with the twins for a long long time. We just need the puck moving dman with vision up top as well. One criticism I have and Boeser will pick up on this watching the tape and seeing from the other angles is he sometimes locks himself out as a passing option by standing directly in line with the right wing player kn thr PK. You can see danny or hank looking over for the cross ice pass but its not there. Laine is a magician on fading and making that seam pass available. Hopefully Boeser can make that adjustment otherwise the only one timer option will be the bigh dman to Boeser. The PK pkayers in the nhl are too good positionally to move out of the lane which may be what he is used to seeing in College and why he stays still on that side waiting for an opening to create itself rather than creating it himself.
  9. If colorado picks 1 we could still pick 2 if it were to end today
  10. Im gonna snap if we dont end up top 2
  11. God we are awful. Lord have mercy in the draft lottery
  12. I don't see him being offensive enough to win a norris. He is just so smooth of a skater and calm, almost too calm but that is okay. I see can see Olli picking up a lot of assists as he moves the puck so well and is smart on getting the puck through with snap shots.
  13. Is it realistic to expect Patrick to be on a Draisatl level in the bigs. I remember the knock on LD being his foot speed and compared to Kopitar but was around the 100 pts mark in the whl at 17 like Patrick.
  14. Its true. We will have to judge these players in the playoffs too. Regular season stats are good and grand and all but we all know the playoffs it all changes. Players get away with a whole lot more. The games become much more of a battle of grit and grind. Less open ice and more chippy stuff. Loya of these skill players disappear. Virtanen has a style that I believe will be awesome in the playoffs. And I really do like Ehlers and Nylander. But I am still excited about Jake. I think he will need a few NHL seasons to put it together fully. Jake at 23 or 24 with his full strength could be crazy. When the game slows down a bit for him and he plays smarter hockey he could be a great top 6 forward as well.
  15. Sorry man. I thought we were talking about Ryan Nugent Hopkins.