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  1. Would like to see Gaunce be kept as a shutdown forward and key penalty killing player for this team in tight games we're bound to be in lots of. Guance is extremely good at killing penalties with his size, reach/good stick and intelligence something this team is really going to need and has some scoring ability that will show one day soon imo. As for Burmistrov I have a good feeling this young skilled player has turned that corner needed and he's ready to produce at a good pace. Benning has already shown to find a few of these like in Baertschi and Granlund he just might be another. Worth a shot.
  2. I agree. I'd say Stecher was our best overall defenseman last season and most have no idea he's even a Canucks regular lol. Canucks are going to surprise media and teams next season they aren't the push over they think they'll be.
  3. Pretty sure the Canucks or teammates will hold this 1 instance against him the guy works his a$$ off has good skill and loads of class. If they do trade him I don't think they'd get enough value for Sutter he's underrated. The Canucks are much better with Sutter in the lineup.
  4. I hope not because Sutter for me is our best all around player other than Horvat and it will be a step back losing him. He's a guy I really respect and sure he's the type of guy the organization needs to show all the young forwards coming what it takes.
  5. I hope you're right about Edler and I'm fine with Baertschi too if its for a good return. Hutton needs to stay he's a keeper.
  6. This is great news I hope it's true. Markstrom is ready to be a great goalie imo he's a great teammate as well and will take advantage of the opportunity. Spend that cash wisely JB!
  7. Ya knowing how wimpy this team is I'd take Camarossa over those 2 useless players any day. Hopefully Labate gets a real chance because we have way too many guys soft as butter.
  8. Yes to Alzner he can eat up Edlers minutes otherwise we're screwed because there's no way in the world Subban and Pedan are NHL material they'll get dominated and so will Edler. As for Miller they should let him go he's nowhere near worth the money Markstrom is ready. We could use that saved money towards free agents and current Canucks like Horvat.
  9. Those regular season points mean nothing come playoff time if you're a soft as butter whiner and a useless perimeter player who coughs the puck up all the time lol.
  10. I completely agree. Fans are definitely overrating the Flames team as it is now and the future. The current core of players have some good offensive stats but stats aren't everything like some fans seem to think. They have a lot of glaring weaknesses I've noticed watching their games and those weaknesses will plague them for years to come.
  11. Keep Tanev and trade Edler and a 2nd for something worthwhile. Idiot move to get rid of such a solid defenseman as Tanev the team will get bombarded with more shots and chances against. Trading Edler will limit the shots and chances against its a no brainer.
  12. Having enough physical strength and speed for some crazy reason has never been addressed by these 2 they're 2 scrawny weak guys who look like they're skating in quicksand lol. What they had in skill level and the knack for hilight reel plays is getting rarer and rarer. On a better note there's some great young skill on the team and I think Brown will make the best of what he's got to work with.
  13. Signing Miller would be stupid af unless he wants a significantly lower pay cheque and be backup to Markstrom. Markstrom is more than ready to step up and will no doubt In my mind be a very very good starter imo. Makes no sense at all to sign Miller to big money when the team needs to spend that money to add a goal scorer and resign core players. Also if you want a rock solid defense which Tanev is just the guy to deliver that in spades and want to help your goalie the best way possible and win low scoring games you keep Tanev and do whatever it takes to trade the mistake prone liability Edler for a pick. JB was shown me he's a very wise GM so far I sure hope he proves me right here with these extremely important decisions.
  14. I have no doubt what so ever Markstrom is more than ready and will take full advantage of the opportunity and be stellar. Keeping Miller is a waste of money and will continue to push Markstroms development back even further. If JB is as smart as I think he is he will not sign Miller and he'll find a way to get rid of the teams biggest liability Edler.
  15. My guess from watching Edler is that he's not thought of as a mentor because he makes as many mistakes as the rest of the defensemen combined, Stecher is already leaps and bounds ahead of him defensively in his rookie season and Edler is pretty much useless and error prone on most nights costing the team wins. If Benning wants to help this team win next season he makes sure he keeps Tanev and Hutton and tells Edler he's seen enough poor uninspired play out of him to last a lifetime and to except a trade to a team of your liking or you spend the season in Utica. As for Juolevi great all around dman in the making looks like this kid will be ready after next season hopefully a little bigger and stronger. This kid does a lot of things well and we already have some young guys who do just that it'll solidify what we have when he's ready and he could just might round out into a true qb for the powerplay.