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  1. Lol and jeez why would we want a good offensive minded dman to the pp and help setup and work well with our young forward prospects to help them create offense!
  2. This guy really impressed me I hope he gets a chance to play all season on the 4th line he's very effective using his really good speed and big body on the forecheck. Imo he's the type of player that every team needs and is a perfect 4th line forward. I'd be pretty happy to see him and Gaunce playing all season. Gaunce is ready to go and ready to bring plenty of assets to help the team win as well.
  3. I agree. My lineup has Etem out and Virtanen in and Burrows out/ Dorsett in against bigger physical teams.
  4. Have a feeling this kid is not going to pan out so I'm glad they got him not us.
  5. I'd go for Hartnell seeing how we don't exactly have a surplus of young talent to be giving away and like said filling a hole and creating another doesn't make sense. The only possible trade I would make is one involving a future draft pick and Edler if he waived his no trade clause for a Kane or someone like him less the baggage.
  6. If that's the case we should give them 2 Sbisa and Edler ( after talked into waiving his no trade clause) and a draft pick if need be. Not too big on trading Hansen or Gaunce I really like Gaunces overall game and think he has a bright future that could really help the team. As far as trading Hutton I'd rather trade Edler any day Huttons already better overall than Edler in his first season! I'd rather get Kane if available though I feel like we need a scoring physical forward more but if not Barrie or Kane maybe Hartnell because he'd cost far less in trade.
  7. I'd completely agree. There were a lot if injuries and when you're a team on the cusp with all the others trying to get in that's enough to knock you out of contention. I felt the Sutter injury was HUGE and that in itself was almost enough to make them miss out seeing that he looks like he can really score, is good on the faceoffs and does all the little things well. You add in a better overall team physical presense, rock solid goaltending, very good penalty kill, better PP with Sutter, Eriksson and possible threat Larsen, Sutters 20 goals all around great hockey abilities, a physical force Gudbranson who'll help keep a lot of pucks out of the net, add in 25'ish goals from Eriksson, the emergence of Hansen and then factor in all the players who got much needed development like Markstrom, Baertchi, Horvat, Virtanen, Hutton and Tryamkin. Add to that I think Benning quietly really improved the depth and there'll be quite a few players who will be able to be inserted in the lineup and add some ability and hold their own. Based on these factors and more I'm thinking this team is going to really surprise and actually make the playoffs fairly easily.
  8. Jim Benning and the Canucks success will surprise a lot of these so called experts next season. He's done a great job finding that beast Gudbranson to lead our defense with some real character that's been missing since long Bieksa was traded and he's also drafted and signed lots of young kids that seem to be under the radar but great potential types. Eriksson and Gudbranson are great additions then you add I think the best all around solid Canuck Sutter you'd think playing more games a better pk with a healthy Sutter, Hansen, Eriksson, Gudbranson, Horvat better PP with Eriksson joining the Sedins with Larsen and Sutter on that 2nd unit. Also the upside of being injured and out of it so early last season is lots of young players played key minutes and all showed great improvement over that time then add how great Markstrom and Miller between the pipes I really truly believe this team will make the playoffs. I believe in Benning and weighing in all I see I definitely see this organization on the upside and having a bright future.
  9. In Bennings press conference he did mention pretty quick that trading for a forward is an option so a trade like this isn't that far fetched especially considering he's tried to land Kane at his higher value in the past. Likely was in on Martin and a couple others lost out on them then turned his focus to trade for that type of player. Also hearing that he was in on Russell just might mean he was looking to trade Sbisa or possibly Edler (if agreed obviously ) Imo. If that's the case I'd take Russell over either of those 2 especially if it meant we could get a Kane or Kane like player with upside and not the baggage. I don't think Benning's given up on another top 6 forward with grit yet, I think it's just a matter of him not wanting to give up anything over the top to get that player he's looking for. I guess we'll soon find out what he has up his sleeve.
  10. Hmm well would be tough to lose Hansen he's a hell of a player but to get something you almost always have to give so sure I'd trade Hansen, Subban and a 2nd. Watched Stecher play for ND in the playoffs was impressed so would rather keep him and see what he's got.
  11. I'd take a chance on Kane and would be fairly confident he'd turn his act around and be the top player he has it in him to be. I'd trade Edler if he waived his no trade clause that is and a pick or Burrows if need be for him.
  12. From what I seen of Pedan he looked lost and out of place almost every shift so until he fixes that deficiency we don't need to worry about a spot for him. It's too bad because I was really hoping he'd fit in and we could use his physical presence against all the teams I hate that at least used to push and bully us around. Hopefully Sbisa finds a more consistent solid game because he has good potential and most of the tools needed especially some good hard hits we need from the back end. Happy to see the teams giving Larson a chance I think he's definitely worth it especially at that low price.
  13. Well this should save the Canucks a goal against per game or 2 and to me letting him go is almost like gaining a player. Definitely not going to miss this soft as butter liability now if only we could trade the slightly better Swedish version Edler.
  14. So you've talked to Elder and if given a list of good destinations he said he wouldn't move? If I was Benning I would have given that liability Edler a list a long time ago and said pick one and kept Hamhuis or Bieksa.
  15. Hamhuis is right to feel slighted he's been unfairly criticized and still plays a good solid game no matter what anybody says. Not a good move by Benning and Linden at all I'm pretty disappointed in their decisions at times. Elder is almost always a liability and should be the one that's shipped off and a good GM should have noticed and acted a long time ago.