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  1. My guess from watching Edler is that he's not thought of as a mentor because he makes as many mistakes as the rest of the defensemen combined, Stecher is already leaps and bounds ahead of him defensively in his rookie season and Edler is pretty much useless and error prone on most nights costing the team wins. If Benning wants to help this team win next season he makes sure he keeps Tanev and Hutton and tells Edler he's seen enough poor uninspired play out of him to last a lifetime and to except a trade to a team of your liking or you spend the season in Utica. As for Juolevi great all around dman in the making looks like this kid will be ready after next season hopefully a little bigger and stronger. This kid does a lot of things well and we already have some young guys who do just that it'll solidify what we have when he's ready and he could just might round out into a true qb for the powerplay.
  2. This is great for the team moving forward! That's 1 Canucks killer down now for the other big one Edler!
  3. Good on young Hutton taking on a tough guy like that but wtf isn't that wimp Shampoo fighting for himself after getting embarrassed like that.
  4. Yep exactly I'm liking what I'm seeing from the young guns making me happy the futures bright. I was playing some hockey and missed this game but from the hilights looked like Miller is like Edler in tank mode some weak looking goaltending there and is really for the best right now as it stands. Anyway Miller's had a solid season for the most part but feel he gets too much credit and not enough blame some night would love to see the team save the money use it somewhere else and go with Markstrom/Bachman. Probably not the popular opinion but I feel it's the best move from all I've seen.
  5. Well this rare time it's Sbisa saving Miller's ass Miller down and out gaping net as happens far too often to Miller.
  6. Miller should be shaking his head that he just got caught about 5ft out of the blue crease leaving a gaping net yet again or that he's always down on his knees leaving top corner goals for the opposition aplenty.
  7. That was definitely the case in a very meaningful example. It was a tight series that could have went either way and WD was a big reason it went the wrong way.
  8. What I see is all these stupid little moves WD makes be the difference of getting no playoff spot when this team is healthy and showing good depth like they now look to have and down the road. All those mistakes will cost us there's no doubt in my mind.
  9. That he does and that's at least something and really that's one of my biggest beefs with WD. If you're a coach looking to help your team when needed and going to have guys fill in make sure they have something at least a little special in their arsenal and they'll help the team like Biega is looking now, Boucher with his skill and his scoring ability, Labate with his hard physical presence and fighting ability to make room and protect teammates sending a message or Guance who I think will be a great career pk player that does a lot of other things well vs plugs like Shore, Megna and Shampoo who basically do nothing well enough and make no positive impact. WD isn't brutal he gets lucky from time to time or makes a move that anyone with any common sense would make but he definitely isn't much good kind of like his poor choices for players he's shown over his Canucks coaching career.
  10. Ya I meant not just necessarily now but more about these choices over Labate as well as Guance and Boucher and others at times this season.
  11. A smarter coach would have Labate in over plugs like Shampoo, Snore and useless Megna any day.
  12. Ha even those foolish clowns I forever argued with for years have been in hiding because they've failed and been completely owned.
  13. Haha nice. Yes unfortunately those plug Shore, Megna and Shampoo fool the the most important Canuck WD.
  14. That waste of oxygen Edler is a complete back breaker to this team killing all positive momentum on a steady basis.