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  1. I completely agree and was pretty pissed off when I seen he made that stupid move. Boucher waited forever to play then when he finally does he shows clearly he's a top 9 forward this $&!# happens unbelievable. Boucher to me has been pretty good in all 3 zones I don't see wtf WD'S problem with him is. As a matter of fact I find when he gets the puck in all 3 zones he's quite clever between that and his pretty high skill level seems to always make a very good strong play which is a lot more than I can say for the Sedins and a few other making a tonne of soft plays and getting hemmed in their zone. Anyway I'm very hopeful that clown WD will be gone seems to me Benning is far too smart and has too much common sense to let him coach this team any longer.
  2. Sutter had a great game and pretty solid season overall love his all around strong game. If we had a team of our top 9 forwards full of Sutter, Horvat, Granlund and Baertschi's this team would more than likely be in the playoffs. When you play the tough elite teams Sutter almost always rises to the occasion and that says a lot and we don't have too many who do.
  3. Yes as idiotic as usual WD benched the skilled young Boucher who needs the valuable ice time going forward who had a goal and was having another good game for another useless substitute Shore. Shore added absolutely nothing to the Horvat/Baertschi line they seemed to be stuck in their own zone from there on in when the change was made.
  4. Unbelievable this is just another WD idiot move in a long list of mistakes and errors in judgement he's made and he's hurt the team far more than helped them. Desjardins horrible mishandling of several players especially the younger players, his stupidity most of the time with line combinations and the awful handling 2 very good goaltenders has been absolutely horrible. Even the very few things he's got lucky enough to get right by accident or trial and error really didn't even last vs all the idiotic decisions he's made time and time again doesn't even come close. How this clown got a job in the NHL and lasted this long is ridiculous. How the hell is it possible that a coach is so oblivious calling out young Tryamkin a kid who's making what can't be an easy transition from Russia who tried his ass off and done everything asked of him having I think a remarkable 1st full season and leaves the soft useless liability like Edler who has absolutely killed his own team on almost a nightly basis yet leads minutes played, never gets benched and just keeps playing over and over no matter how many stupid useless things he does. This coach has been clearly way over his head all along but now its time for his free ride to end. As far as I'm concerned anybody foolish enough to think WD is a good coach or should be kept is completely oblivious to reality and has no idea about hockey or what's happened with this team all season. Basically completely blind and clueless. Once WD and Edler are gone that alone will definitely make this team much better by a huge margin and I can't wait!!
  5. Now there's a phantom call. Pretty bad when even Sedins mocking you for being soft lol
  6. He was hoping Megna could at least get a tip on that pass but another small fail for Mr Megna.
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing! Oh well once he's skidded like he should be and we skid that useless pylon Edler this teams chances of winning will go way up!
  8. I guarantee if Boucher was given the free handout Megna has had playing with top players so much he'd probably have 4 times the points useless has.
  9. I'd like to see Zelewski get another shot I really liked his game. Guance looked great especially lately he was on fire doing everything well.
  10. You'd have to think every opposition coach would be have to be trying to line up his stars to play and dominate Edler it's almost a guaranteed formula for a win lol. McDavid was probably pretty excited to look and see dull weak Edler lined up across from him. Too bad for Bachman there looking calm and disciplined in net, always in good position and making some real solid saves. Until Edler screwed him that is.
  11. Edler got schooled there it was just a matter of time. Edler's helping the team lose again the tank leader.
  12. Yes and maybe with the money saved not signing Miller the Canucks can sign a power forward to play with the Sedins get the most out of them in hopefully their last season. A power forward will likely be needed after the Sedins are gone as well we have a lot of smaller or softer players who could use the help.
  13. I agree Miller looked so tired I think that could be a reason why he gets over aggressive and panics getting way out of position almost in desperation mode all the time.
  14. Could be the case maybe next year mid season or later but likely the following season. Demko's looking very strong for Utica right now I think let him continue maybe on a playoff run and at least another half year next year in Utica and if he's dominating you never know.
  15. Damn Bachman is looking better than Miller. Maybe Markstrom/Bachman next season if he keeps up this strong solid play.