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  1. The Official Transit Thread

    Oh no. We are screwed. In terms of the Canada line. Better order those new trains...
  2. OMG Snow?

    Shut up... no way.
  3. The Official Transit Thread

    Translink changed the schedule of the early 159's for me as well - from 5 am to 9:30 they run 3 minutes earlier now. After missing two busses on the same day I got suspicious and looked it up. Thanks for the warning, translink.
  4. The Official Transit Thread

    Good chap, it is clearly mauve.
  5. OMG Snow?

    Back to the Vancouverites whining again. Grow a pair.
  6. The Official Transit Thread

    I had the nicest bus driver ever on the 99 yesterday evening. Every stop, he would say "Clark drive upcoming, we'll just cross this road and be right there. You can catch the XY bus and the YX bus here!" Then "Here we are at clark, don't forget your umbrellas or anything else! Watch your step getting off the bus. Have a good evening." Then at Commercial, we had to wait through a couple rotations of the light and he went "sorry folks, we'll get there eventually, we'll catch the next light for sure!" "Watch your step, and don't forget your mittens, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, backpacks, purses, ...." and he went on. ANd he did it all with an accent. Really made me smile. If you ever happen to read this Sir Bus Driver, thank you!
  7. The Official Transit Thread

    Uh... do people actually not shoulder check? Especially when driving beside some tracks?
  8. The Official Transit Thread

    A line to downtown Poco would be so excellent. I am going to try to go out to that open house. I'm not sure where they would put the station, but there is a fair amount of business around Shaughnessy and Lougheed, where I believe this hypothetical station will be. However, where will they put it? I don't know of much land there, except where the gas station used to be- and I believe a skyscraper is planned to be built there. The safeway/van city/canadian tire parking lot is HUGE, though, lots of room for a station there. This would be unreal for Poco. I live in South Poco and it takes me 30-50 minutes to get to Coq Centre via transit, because I have to take 2 busses. Even if this station were to be promised, how often would trains run? Especially if one were to go to Douglas College and one to Downtown Poco, wouldn't a train be coming/going every 10 minutes?
  9. The Official Transit Thread

    Best of luck to them, I wonder what boat they will use? The one that runs to Vancouver island hauls, it does 8 knots just idling. ... It creates some pretty significant wake. That may be a problem.
  10. The Official Transit Thread

    I've always wondered why nobody has done anything with the lot east of GM place.
  11. OMG Snow?

    Not the same ring. Anyway, I saw Env. Can. posted a potential 70mm rainfall near the mountains today. That's ridiculous. It's too bad it's not 5 degrees colder, because the upper mountains would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  12. The Official Transit Thread

    Sorry to correct you, Nitro, as I'm on your side here but Douglas has two campuses, and New West gets at least half of the students. Also, I last heard there were 14k douglas college students. However, DC is just a portion; the skyscraper density south of lafarge will add a couple thousand a day. Also also, the problem with busses serving westwood plateau is that it's an F'ing rich area and everyone has their own vehicle. Nobody wants to take the bus there. The ONLY time a bus would get heavily utilized is during winter, when the SUV drivers realize they can't go anywhere and do anything with 4 season tires. Also, very low density. ALSO, YOU WILL GET ATTACKED BY BEARS EVERY DAY, CAUSE EVERYONE UP THERE IS A PIECE OF TRASH!
  13. The Official Transit Thread

    Pinetree community centre and high school are there as well, not to mention several hundred homes immediately west of Hoy Creek. It's an area more deserving of a station than Sapperton or Lake City Way. Burnaby demanded LCW on the line, but it's very ill used. Pinetree/Douglas College station will get more users within a week than sapperton plus LCW does in a month. Building stubs later is more expensive, you know that. It's been pointed out a ton regarding the M line extension. Oh, also, I don't know the full technical difficulties involved but building a loop/extra area to turn a skytrain around at Coquitlam Centre would require alot of extra land... I don't know if that's available.
  14. The Official Transit Thread

    True, but then you have ridiculously empty tracts of land and low density for km and km past the pitt river bridge. The only legitimate skytrain station out there would be at meadowtown. It's all farmland and warehouses for a few km east of the Pitt River. That said, it's many, many years away from happening. But even if it did, it'll still take an hour or more to get downtown via skytrain from Maple Ridge.