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  1. Bo Horvat Talk

    The days of the "4th line" are over my friend, more and more teams are running all there lines and in the West it's the only way to survive. Also no one is really "stuck" on a line they will play there way up or down.
  2. Bo Horvat Talk

    Lol ok my turn I could see it shaking out to something like this if Horvat makes the team. D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Vrbata Matthias - Bonino - Burrows Higgins - Vey - Kassian Richardson <-> Horvat - Hansen Sestito, Dorsett Richardson and Horvat can alternate as needed.
  3. [Offical] Kesler traded to Anaheim

    Sounds great if it pans out like that but there's an unaccounted "top prospect" we would be getting from the widely speculated ANA trade of Etem + 10th +24th for Kesler. Not sure which side of the scale that top prospect would land but it would definitely give us more options. On the flip side this would also give Tallon more pieces to pick from which could suck cause he's obviously playing hardball at the moment. It seems Tallon is wanting to see what we get back in a deal for Kesler before agreeing to any sort of deal and the Canucks are wanting to strike a deal for 1st overall before moving Kesler to avoid having to put the newly acquired pieces on the the table. Tallon however holds the cards so it will be interesting to see how the draft plays out if management is prepared to deal Kesler Friday. So from a purely speculative point of view, after the discussed Kesler to ANA trade we would be looking at a general grouping of; 6th overall, 10th overall, 24th overall, Etem, Shinkaruk as possible trade chips involved in getting 1st overall. Price will be steep, as it should be so I'd wager it would take 3 pieces from that list to get a deal done.
  4. (Proposal) VAN-CHI

    I'd say Saad is untouchable, if we're making a deal with CHI I want Teravainen, Clendening + 1st coming back.
  5. Interesting deals minus the DET trade. TOR is an interesting trade partner as they're rumored to be shopping a lot of players including JVR who is someone I'd personally want coming back if we're moving Hamhuis. Also since we're on the subject how does getting Phanuef in a trade from TOR sound to the masses? I wouldn't mind it tbh but I'd make them retain some salary and I'd pair him with Hamhuis if we got him, that would be a nice duo IMO.
  6. Read is signed and has 4 years remaining at $3,625,000per. A bit pricey but decent for a versatile player (RW/C) and the cap hit will get better with age.
  7. Yea I'm not sure CBJ would go for that deal either but it's hardly a bad deal IMO. I'm just really high on Jenner as a player, don't see him putting up a PPG or anything in his prime but he's got the look of a younger Canadian version of Kesler to me and that's something I'd move the 6th overall for. On Garrison, yea tough to say for sure if he would waive to go back to FLA but not out of the realm of possibility. That's the organization that gave him a chance to develop an NHL career and it's not like he had a falling out with them when he signed with us. Couple that with a new owner who will spend money and I see them as a good trade partner as any. I bought out Booth because I don't see room for him on this roster and he's making too much to be a 4th liner/ extra player. But our ownership has dished out a lot of money via severance pay so buying out Booth might be a touchy subject. However, if we're not spending to the cap, and we're not in this proposal, I don't see an issue since our payroll will be lower and revenue should stay the same which equals "Mo' Dolla" to help rectify previously stated expenses of the management overhaul.
  8. He could mean that B.Schenn projects to be a 65-70pt player and that trading for an older 65-70pt player is a sideways move. I'd argue that with, while Schenn "projects" to put up similar numbers to Kesler he has yet to do so and we would be getting paid (via trade) with potential rather then with a player who's already attained those numbers. Throw in the Stanley cup experience, great shut down capability to go along with a Selke and also 2 years remaining on a great contract during the prime of his career and you (we) have a very valuable commodity. Read is a good player but also serves as a cap space move for PHI to give them some relief in that regard.
  9. I actually like the targeting of Louie Eriksson especially with Benning/Boston relationship, targeting some of there players/prospects wouldn't be a bad idea to explore.
  10. I was bored so I made this up. Some of these deals would probably have minor pieces involved here and there. But overall let me know how this team looks to you, it's not a cup contender but you can't really build that in 1 off-season. R. Kesler to PHI for B. Schenn + M. Read 2015 1st + J. Hansen to CBJ for B. Jenner + T. Erixon J. Garrison to FLA for V. Trocheck + 4th Buyout D.Booth
  11. Should we go after (UFA) Manny Malhotra?

    I realize when I talk about a youth movement and then bringing in a 34 yr old Manny it sounds counter productive but I wouldn't say he'd be blocking anyone coming up from the farm. Sure we could fill a 4th line with some young guys from our prospect pool but I'd much rather have a guy like Manny flanked by our older prospects instead (Kenins, Lain, Archibald, Zalewski etc) if there ready. Also I personally see Matthias and Santorelli (if resigned) as better wingers then Centers so I'm not in the same boat as those who say there isn't any room in the bottom 6. I take a look at some of the organizations that have had or are having youth movements. Two teams in particular, Tampa Bay and Detroit where a lot of those prospects were developed as apart of very good AHL teams (Syracuse, Grand Rapids) before making the jump. That's what this organization needs IMO, to slow down the influx of young players on the big club to ensure were creating competition from top to bottom (NHL to AHL) then bringing up players that are ripe for picking. As much as I'd like to see Horvat, Shinkaruk, Jensen, Gaunce, Corrado on the team next year full time, I'm willing to wait another year (or 2+ in some cases) to let them grow together until there truly ready to fill a meaningful role. Also I don't believe this team is as bad as it showed last year, it was just a messed up season altogether and I still think after a little tinkering we have a playoff team here but I'll take the 6th overall and management/coaching overhaul, it was needed.
  12. Should we go after (UFA) Manny Malhotra?

    A lot of valid points being made. I just want to add that one of the main reasons I'd like Manny back is because he's one of the all time great leaders/personality's to come through this organization and when a team such as ours is going through a youth movement you want to have these guys around to water the new seeds. Now obviously personality alone shouldn't warrant a roster spot but from what i saw of him this season he'd have no problem holding down a 4th line spot on this team. I don't want to "bring out the stats" (which were good) so I'll just say, he really "looked like Manny" in terms of his play this season and that's what really got me thinking about this in the first place.
  13. I know he didn't leave on good terms but it's a new management team and I thought he looked great this year in Carolina (not sure if they plan on re-signing him). If Manny would accept the role he'd make a great 4th line center + he's a guy I'd want all our young players to be around and learn from. I'd personally love to have him back even if it took a 2 year deal to make happen, let me know what you guys think.
  14. Evan McEneny Talk

    Because we're not making the playoffs and its also not a good situation up on the big club for a young player to soak up.
  15. Bo Horvat Talk

    We shouldn't be penciling Horvat into next seasons line up at this point. If he comes in and earns a spot then great but another year of Junior wouldn't be bad either. When I look at Horvat I'm reminded a bit of Mark Scheifele and how he was brought up, both being similar players in my mind with similar shortcomings coming out of the draft (mainly skating). Horvat has some speed which I'm not debating but his overall agility and edge-work need some more developing. A strong off season and I'm sure he can make some strides in that department but even then it wouldn't be a bad idea to let him play another season in London so he can get game repetitions in a league he is already comfortable in. Really, he just needs to work on physical aspects of his game at this point because mentally I'd say he's NHL ready. Personally I'd only want Horvat on the team if he will be an impact player in some regard so next training camp + the first 9 or so games of the season will tell. If everything stays the same and Jensen continues to have success with Hank and Burr I'd like to see something like this next season: Burrows - H. Sedin - Jensen D. Sedin - Kesler - Santorelli Higgins - Mattias - Kassian Booth - Richardson - Hansen If other prospects come and steal a job great.