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  1. This. For a long time, Adidas competed with Nike, but Nike had the bigger edge.. Acquiring Bauer. Years later, Reebok bought CCM, a year after that Adidas bought Reebok. Both major brands ended up rebranding the hockey equipment as Bauer and CCM. It will be odd to see the Adidas logo on the NHL jerseys next season, highly doubt the jerseys will have the 3 stripes. Adidas would of done it to the WCH jerseys to gain feedback.
  2. Blackhawks.
  3. I got the email so far. No call yet lol.
  4. Not gonna renew... Disappointing TDL...
  5. Leaning towards a 'no' for renewal on my ice pack. Could use that money elsewhere.
  6. What if it is Hedman for Horvat?
  7. Lucic and Buff. Those 2 big guys can provide protection for alot of our smaller players, help clear space in front of the net. With Buff he can help mentor Tryamkin, give some of the young D some confidence.
  8. With that in mind, someone should k.o. him then. As big of an asshole as Marchand.
  9. I'd rather have that clown, Thornton make a public apology.
  10. And now those bandwagon fans are jumping off.