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  1. Just as I was so down after the game (with the way they lost it), the coach gave me some hope. I like Tort! Now, boys - a good team needs to know how to finish a game!
  2. It still gives me chills to see Burr shoot that arrow into the sky. Luc, you are still here with the boys! GO CANUCKS GO!!!!
  3. There was the time that I really couldn't stand Kevin Bieksa's play and wanted the team to use him as a trade bait. That time, he was playing stupidly, making bad decisions and pinch in or go for the hits at the wrong time. This Kevin Bieksa now is different, he grew and learned, he's playing a lot smarter. It's great to see the players grow with the team and fans through ups and downs. Kevin: Can you just tell your "buddy" Don Cherry to say your name correctly once?!
  4. I KNEW this thread would come back up on top again! It's already a legend...