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  1. [PGT] Canucks @ Capitals

    One thing about this game I noticed was how disappointed with himself Mathias looked after he didn't clear on the goal. He seemed to take it to heart that he hurt the team and then seemed to improve overall on his game from there. Tighter defensively and crashing the net. Another stand out for me was Tanev. He was doing so many little things right. He wasn't all flash but just reading plays really well. Like how this kid has developed. And of course, The answer to the question "Can Vrbata succeed with the twins" a reaonding yes as the put up 7 points tonight. Lots of things clicking with this team. Where does Kassian slot in when he's back now?
  2. (DISCUSSION) All-star game change

    I would love to see the old style North America VS the world come back. It makes sense if they are selling the game to the states because you know how Americans are with their national pride
  3. [PGT] Canucks 5 - 2 Avalanche

    Tied for 2nd in the LEAGUE! No other teams have more than 17 points. I mean I know it's still early but... It's hard not to smile when you see that.
  4. Burrows has being playing on his "off wing" for a while now, As he plays RW on the Sedin line.
  5. (Waivers) - Jacob Markstrom

    So, Yes, 9pst. I wasn't sure where I saw/heard it so I wasn't sure if it was local time or Vancouver time.
  6. (Waivers) - Jacob Markstrom

    I believe they said 9 AM EST. So, 51 Minutes. Unless it's 9 PST. Then its 3 hours and 51.
  7. Tanev on TSN's Top 10 "Poster Boys" of Analytics

    Nice to see Tanev getting some credit. He isn't the flashiest player but quietly sound and a valuable part of the team. I also love how many Canucks were on that list of 26.
  8. [PGT] Sept 23 | Canucks 2 - 5 Sharks | Away Game

    To be fair, He said if they can't make it work by November. His post wasn't excessively reactionary, albeit poorly worded.
  9. Johnny Canucks Logo

    Edit: Sorry, Double Post. On my phone.
  10. Johnny Canucks Logo

    I respect peoples opinions as to if they like the logo itself or not but I hate this argument. 1) All hockey logos are a "corporate identity agenda". The hockey team is a business. Business doesn't make money, It closes. Regardless of what the logo is, Its still a logo for the purpose of identifying the business. 2) Orca Bay Sports was named in reference to The BC orcas. It was previously Northwest sports. The fact that the Orca is a C for Canucks instead of an O or B for Orca Bay further shows that the canucks didn't just "take a corporate logo". The Maple leafs company is called Toronto Maple Leafs sports. It's the same thing. The "Orca Bay" as a company wouldn't have been Orca Bay has they not been assosciated with BC and, By extension, The canucks. It's not like they took the Michelin man and threw it on the front. The company was rebranded Orca Bay and then the logo changed the following season to represent this change. So, No BC, No Orca Bay. It makes sense for BC. IMO I don't hate the Orca. If they change it, They change it but if it stays, That's the logo. However, as much as I like the IDEA of Johnny Canuck. He's fine for T-Shirts. I'm ok with the Johnny Canuck V as a shoulder patch but I haven't seen anything that stands out as something that would "work" as a main logo on a Jersey. The best mock-up I've seen as a possible logo is the Skate logo in the Blue and Green. The current colours are perfect. They look great and also represent not only BC but Canada as a country. The Green of the trees, The blue of the waters (most fresh clean water in the world), the white of the clouds. I loved the old Skate logo colours when they were the colours but they just don't work. They are the embodiment of the 80's. Look at Reeses Pieces. Came out in the 80s. Same colours. I also wore osh-gosh overalls with one strap hanging off and had an undercut. These are things that just don't fit now, 20+ Years later.
  11. [Report] Perry Pearn named to Canucks coaching staff

    Wasn't disagreeing, Just filling in what I know. In the end, the players buying into the system only goes so far if they can't put it out there on the ice. That being said, It does show he has some chops when it comes to the PK.
  12. [Report] Perry Pearn named to Canucks coaching staff

    Pearn didn't run the PP for the jets last season. The season prior he was PP and PK. Last season he was only handled the PK and the jets went from 24th to 12th.
  13. [Signing] Rangers re-sign Derick Brassard

    40-50 Points a game?!?! Trade our entire top 6 for this kid! Scoring woes solved.
  14. Wow... Is there anything this kid CANT do?!?!?!
  15. [Signing] Canucks Sign Centre Jared McCann

    As with all prospects, Its a wait and see situation when it comes to if and or when they can play in the NHL and even more so if they can be impact players. That being said, I have watched this kid play for my hometown Soo Greyhounds. Good puck sense, seemed to have an impact every shift. Was one of the reasons the team overacheived. Lots of buzz in town, lots of people wanted him drafted to their NHL team.