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  1. did Kassian ever state how he lost his tooth?

  2. MAG and Edler = sweet line! AV try it out

  3. EDLER is going to have a good game tomorrow =)

    1. MrsCanuck


      He always seems to deliver when needed!

    2. Edler


      yup for the most part he was good especially playing with busted fingers!

  4. it's EDLER TIME!!!

  5. edler rocks! he will rock it this season!

  6. why u kick my dog?

  7. amplifier by imran khan is kick donkey! send more songs like that bro!!!

    it has a kick donkey beat!!

  8. wow.. gold on ur b-day.. you are lucky!!! congrads!

  9. hey!! im Edler's #1 fan!!

  10. HEY!!!!! I thought I was the #1 Edler man!!! *gets mad*

  11. Hedman got owned!!!!