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  1. Don't get me wrong Ripper is one of my all time favourite Canucks, but come on do we really need to bring this up every year! I'll never understand celebrating the day of a passing!
  2. I'm still not going to get to excited about a defenseman EDMONTON didn't want!
  3. Lmao your trying to put Larsson in the same class as Subban/Weber, really!
  4. F me gently with a chainsaw what the hell is Nashville thinking! O well now I have a second favorite team
  5. That's who I was hoping we would get with this pick! I still can't believe coilers got pool party and Benson!
  6. About freaking time all he does on and off the ice was recognized away from the west coast! Congrats, O Captain my Captain
  7. Done forget that game against the Kings where he wouldn't let Kopitar in front of that net!
  8. Late 1st (McCann) and early 2nd (?) for Gudbranson ... Where do I sign!!)
  9. Holy crap I miss Ryper
  10. Elder will not be traded because he will not waive his no-trade clause! He has been asked; except it, move on!
  11. If we get the first, I hope we instantly trade with Phoenix! OEL is a beast and then just pick bpa with phoenixs first
  12. You would rather have Virtanen and McCann over EKBALD, really do your self a favor and stop watching hockey
  13. I am interested in drinking another beer ( that's a fact ) this $&!# is just somebody throwing a dart, looking for a story
  14. I think you may be over valuing the Shink!
  15. Think Kris Letang, when drafted they where thought of as being very close! Luc being more nhl ready at the time Kris with the higher ceiling