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  1. I like that Gus is almost as young as Virtanen. Still just 18 years old and loads of time to develop into a strong PMD. Five points in the SEL so far bodes well for such a young player.
  2. Santorelli was one of the few bright spots in a bleak year. I was surprised he didn't get re-signed, and I expect it was due to some rift or disagreement rather than the money or term. Still, I wish it had happened. He would have rounded out our top 6 nicely. I for one don't regret the Vey trade. He's been solid, and he's much younger than Santo. I think he'll be a solid 2nd liner for us down the road.
  3. So when does Sanguinetti get a look? 14 points in 22 games and a real cannon (something we seem to lack this season).
  4. No Fun Vancouver indeed! Do you also hate puppies and sunshine and bacon? What a bunch of complainers. The Green Men are fantastic, I loved their shticks. Vancouver needs more passionate fans, not less.
  5. Bo will be fine. I do think he'll end up back with London this season though, they just want him to soak up some AHL experience.
  6. Foxy now sits at 7 points in 5 games. Blomstrand also with 7 in 5, and Curtis Valk is leading the ECHL with 9 points. Sounds like quick chemistry for that young group. All three seem too talented to play in that league for long. That said, the Comets seemed stacked at the moment. Can we have two AHL teams?
  7. I've always really liked Archie. I think he's got a decent shot at a permanent 4th line role this year. He's got the size the team wants, and a bit of scoring touch. Why not?
  8. Agree with Kesler for Etem + 10th and drafting Virtanen. Ritchie - Virtanen and Horvat - Shinkaruk sets us up so nicely for the next 10 years!
  9. Realistically? Not many. Canucks have a history of promoting from within (AV, Nonis). But who knows?
  10. I think Laurence Gilman will be our next GM. Smart, cap savvy and lots of experience. Not a flashy move, but a good one.
  11. Wow, Jensen is on fire! I had no idea this guy was such a pure goal scorer when we drafted him! 20 goals in 72 career AHL games, with just 6 assists over that time.
  12. I couldn't be happier with our farm team. Seems like a great atmosphere at the AUD. Other than that rough start, the team has played well, especially after some savvy pickups by management. (I don't think it's a coincidence that the team got much better after the additions of O'Reilly and Huskins).
  13. Utica is within reach of a playoff spot. They'll have to win at a good clip to make it, but they're really playing well as a team and rolling now.
  14. Zach Hamill has been granted an unconditional release. Any word on this? Guess he wasn't getting the ice time he wanted in Utica...
  15. I wonder who gets the call-up now that Burrows is injured. I'd guess Grenier gets a shot, or Pelletier.