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  1. This season feels like the previous to me: worrisome play early in the season (except the start of last season they capitalized on most of their chances), but hopefully they'll be able to live up and be better than they were last year.
  2. I think it's a good thing. Although the Sedins didn't have their best season either, calling out will keep the others (especially the kids) in check. If they think there's more to give, be it in games or in practice, it should show the kids to never get complacent, or that just because a season is lost that you don't need to work anymore - they should be playing hard every night. It's about being competitive and not letting any bad habits or mindsets slip in, no matter who the comment is coming from.
  3. I think it'll balance out in the end, where people will support both teams consistently (assuming neither team relocates, etc). It sucks to see Vancouverites bash on the Whitecaps just cause its soccer or it's not their type of sport - which is fine if it's not your cup of tea, but way to bash on a team representing your own city.
  4. The only players that look like they care are the kids, Sedins and Hansen. Also don't think I've ever heard a coach being called out on TV this much before.
  5. All the best to Higgins, he was great for us for many years. I admired his effort and persistence, especially when it was one of those nights where the rest of the team didn't show up.
  6. lol people have been complaining about how the commentators, analysts, and other fans cant move on from talking about 2011 and yet what do we see in this thread? Our own fans bringing it up and not moving on
  7. So many disgusting comments online, especially on CBC. Of course it also has to turn into a Harper vs Trudeau debate. Thoughts are with those in France.
  8. I take it into deep consideration, especially if I find a certain permission is not necessary for the app to be functional. I'm sure there's tons of information on my habits just based on the analytics Google would have on me, or Facebook, etc, but I still do as much as I can to limit what information is available/I want available as every piece of info counts.
  9. Ever since that game we beat L.A. handily, I've been waiting for a likewise performance. Most games afterwards hadn't been. Very disappointing ending to a great season. Morales didn't look completely ready yet and his play/physicality seemed rather soft at times. Lots of bad passing/running into each other. So much lobbing the ball over hoping someone could get onto it. Defense didn't look like its normal self since the beginning. They didn't play like it was an elimination game and I think that's what disappoints me the most.
  10. To my knowledge, away goals don't mean anything unless it's a tie. So we can win 1-0, 2-1, etc as long as we score more goals. But we cannot tie with a score like 1-1 or 2-2. Bottom line: as long as the 'Caps score more goals no matter the amount, we win.
  11. Anyone catch Horvat's? I think they ended up playing his by accident when it was Sbisa's goal cause it didn't sound like Sbisa's song (Gold on the ceiling).
  12. I don't have a sob story, but simply not everyone has the same opportunities your friend does. I can tell you a lot of homeowners in Richmond know that they are below sea-level but choose to stay here for different reasons - not everyone has the luxury of quitting their jobs and moving, whether they can or cannot afford to. If you want to generalise them as fools or people who have not done their research then I guess you can keep that judgement. I understand that Steveston and Garry Point are beautiful places having used to live in Richmond, but I don't think most people move to Richmond for those places. I was talking more from a Richmond-Centre perspective.
  13. Really? I can't speak for Delta but no one moves to Richmond for the 'views'. Where does a homeowner or apartment owner in Richmond who has a job elsewhere nearby in the lower mainland move with the prices these days? So is it now their fault for existing in the lower mainland?
  14. I didn't claim the Canucks were predicted to do well, I'm just saying other teams predicted to do well (obvious example being Anaheim) are having their own troubles - which only help for us.
  15. Quite a few teams predicted to do well have had slow starts, so the Canucks have some leeway in that regards. They need to stop sitting on leads and need more concentration during overtimes (their position on the ice, potential breakaways for the other team, etc). Also need to find a way to score on all the chances we keep getting. Maybe they're keeping with Canucks tradition and turn their season up notch after the Christmas break.