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  1. I'll miss you Burrows! Thanks for the countless memories and always giving your heart out there!
  2. Is it just me or was the old goal horn used? The pre-2009 one I think
  3. You can see the excitement and passion the hawks play with. They throw any pucks to the net and shoot with a purpose
  4. I wonder if this struggle will help or slow down our young guys growth
  5. They're not playing with energy (consistently). No hitting, no driving the net, no shooting with authority, no quick and crisp passing. That's the difference (besides game-changing players) between the Canucks and other teams we see doing well - even with our youth.
  6. Desperately need contributions from Baertschi and Eriksson, and still might not be enough. Also don't know how Edler for the past few seasons always manages to get his shots blocked.
  7. No spirit, no offensive creativity. Felt like they were just following the flow of the game
  8. Sedins need to change up the powerplay, it's just too obvious what their options are. Wish the veterans stepped up a bit more this game (Burrows, Eriksson). Good stuff coming back from 3-0.
  9. Some classic Sedinery
  10. I got your message. I'll message you back hopefully later tonight.
  11. I work in the field and I can say make sure you're passionate about this (web dev) before enrolling and not in it for the money. For me at least, it's easy to weed out bootcampers who enrolled for the wrong reason. I've also seen bootcampers who finish their program but have nothing to show for it afterwards (as in, they forget what they learned, can't apply it outside of what they did at the bootcamp, can't extend their knowledge of what they learned, or can't even code 'simple' javascript functions without context of what they learned at the camp). Moreover, if I were to consider hiring someone from a bootcamp, I'd make sure they have additional personal/group projects they worked on outside the bootcamp so I can examine how they code, see their progression, how interested they are, and differentiate them from the rest of the candidates. I'd also like them to know the very top-level fundamentals (first/second year maybe?) of what you'd learn in Computer Science at a college/university (such as recursion, modularity, encapsulation, etc). In terms of the job market (based on the last time I was a part of it), what I found were that most companies in Vancouver were either looking for mid-level developers, or mid-senior level developers. I found this holds more true for start-up companies (one of which I work for) since I assume they want to get moving quicker. I also find a lot of companies in Vancouver to have average or 'low ball' offers in terms of salaries. So if/when you're done your bootcamp/education, don't limit yourself to Vancouver - if it's anything like I mentioned now. Hope that helps & feel free to message for more info! Saw this today, somewhat relevant: https://www.reddit.com/r/webdev/comments/56gx3z/why_would_a_company_still_be_trying_to_hire_a_dev/
  12. 1. Naslund 2. Burrows 3. Morrison 4. Sedins (is that cheating?) 5. Kesler 6. Bieksa 7. Hamhuis 8. Salo 9. Linden 10. Ohlund
  13. This season feels like the previous to me: worrisome play early in the season (except the start of last season they capitalized on most of their chances), but hopefully they'll be able to live up and be better than they were last year.
  14. I think it's a good thing. Although the Sedins didn't have their best season either, calling out will keep the others (especially the kids) in check. If they think there's more to give, be it in games or in practice, it should show the kids to never get complacent, or that just because a season is lost that you don't need to work anymore - they should be playing hard every night. It's about being competitive and not letting any bad habits or mindsets slip in, no matter who the comment is coming from.
  15. I think it'll balance out in the end, where people will support both teams consistently (assuming neither team relocates, etc). It sucks to see Vancouverites bash on the Whitecaps just cause its soccer or it's not their type of sport - which is fine if it's not your cup of tea, but way to bash on a team representing your own city.