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  1. Didn't edit her post.
  2. Nice sigs, both of them

  3. Prestiged for the first time yesterday, feels weird since it took me a year to reach first prestige in COD4. And I didn't prestige in COD4 because it took so long. If anybody wants to add me on XBOX360 my GT is FragGrenade94. I'm just average, so don't expect me to be really good if you do play with me. I do NOT use glitches, so if you do, don't add me. Also, I don't have a mic
  4. Wow, the stupidity in this post...
  5. RAMIREZ! Blow up that plane with your knife!
  6. 3) And that changes the fact that you did it how? 5) 4 prestiges, that's nothing right
  7. Don't cheat.
  8. Right.
  9. Once again don't cheat.
  10. You guys are right :D
  11. Don't right click and cheat
  12. Don't Cheat