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  1. If we have to keep one of the two, my vote goes to Burrows. Higgins has been a "fly by" invisible player for two years now. Needs to go IMHO. I'd like to see them both go, but Burrows has arguably earned the right to another season provided he continues to work his ass off. :) .
  2. Glad the OP isn't our GM.
  3. Everybody hates an asshole when he's on an opposing team. Sign him to our team though and watch the crowd get behind him 100%. Dave (Tiger) Williams is a prime example. HATED him when he played against us. LOVED him when he played for us and started doing all the things to the "other" teams that he had always done to us.
  4. I have no doubt Willie the hot dog will start next season as the Canucks head coach. He MUST (IMHO) back off a tad on his stubborn, fixed ways of doing things, and realize that coaching in the NHL requires you to be fluid and dynamic in your thinking, NOT fixed, stubborn, and predictable. Willie's desire to roll 4 lines no matter what, makes him an easy target for "out coached of the year" candidate on any given game day. One would have to assume that if Benning and Linden ice a team at the beginning of next season that has been painstakingly tweaked their collective specs during this off season, the tolerance and leash for Willie's stubborn ways will be short. Like the guy BUT he really needs to show that he can be as dynamic and spontaneous as the coaches he's coaching against.
  5. Great game guys. Knew you would finally come to your senses. We know you guys can play. No matter now though. Finish the season on a loosing note. Get in line for a great pick. Start off next season with EVERYBODY on the same page. It's all good. Loose tonight and tomorrow night and we're in great shape. Went to the LA game Monday night. Nice to see a win, buuuuuut, enough of that now. OK?
  6. Ha ha. NOT happening.
  7. Hope they throw the friggen book at him!
  8. I'm hoping rest of the season and the first round of the playoffs.
  9. That was actually a fun game to watch. Solid effort by the Canucks. Virtanen and Tryamkin stood out for me. Great end result to keep the tank and our lottery hopes alive. Almost got a point though. Careful now.
  10. Who was the third player dressed tonight that had been waived and not claimed? I'm aware of Higgins and Weber, but I thought Vrbata was the third one waived and I thought he had been shut down for the rest of the season? Thanks in advance.
  11. Great game! Got a point. (but not two, he he) Played head to head with a good team for a while before reason and sanity came to the forefront. Bo got a goal, and Tryamkin looked GREAT. 28th in the league. On course for a GREAT draft.
  12. Played well. Came up short against a much better team. Happy that the tank is back on track.
  13. In a nutshell. ZERO chance of making the playoffs this year.
  14. All according to plan. Scared me though. Almost got a point out of it. Great to see the kids gel. Virtanen was a beast in the first. Love it. Had the Sedins on for the (full) last two minutes so they could cycle in the corner and shoot from the perimeter to help preserve the loss. Here I thought Willie was a poor coach. Who knew. Good call on his part to keep the tank alive.
  15. Lacking direction.