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  1. What happened to Stecher? Upper body injury? Anything more in the after game presser?
  2. Damn our "vets" are old, stale, and just plain BAD!
  3. Hank - Edler! Serious WTF!
  4. Hope WD let's him play (adequate ice time) so everybody gets a decent look at him. Interesting to see what the reaction from above would be if WD benched him after his first mistake or goal. (whichever comes first) Just saying given the recent Goldobin events. Think the time is long overdue to just let everybody "play" and see what they have rather than to coach them into submission under a guy or a system that won't likely be here next season.
  5. Daniel Sedin was absolutely HORRID on Pittsburgh's second goal tonight. Easily had a chance to tie up his man or at least his stick, instead doing a "fly by" until it was too late. Made a little effort right before the puck went in the net, but by that time it was the proverbial to little, too late. Brutal night for both the Sedins actually. Keep them as mentors to the younger players? Not if that's all they can teach them. Felt sorry for Miller as he had stood on his head for about 5 minutes before that, only to have Pittsburgh score because Daniel decided to mail in his back check on the play. Awful!
  6. Weird. I thought Goldobin looked pretty dangerous there tonight and certainly didn't notice him being a major defensive liability either. At least he didn't bench him tonight. Mind you he didn't score so maybe that's the criteria for playing the whole game? Look dangerous but don't score?
  7. Mmmmmm. Seem to remember there was always a LOT of Detroit, Toronto, and Montreal jerseys in the stands years ago. Really stood out when one of those teams scored. Almost louder than a Canuck goal. That changed a bit when the so called Canucks Nation emerged and we had sell outs for what 10 years in a row? Lot's of Canucks jerseys in other arenas as well. Especially during the "cup run" years. The Canucks aren't the same team since 2011 and it isn't surprising that people's allegiance wavers and other teams become favored again. Never ending cycle if you ask me. Besides, even I was a Broad Street Bully fan when the Canucks were cellar dwellers during the Flyers hay day.
  8. True. My bad. Was meaning we only picked up a point on them instead of two. Realize we got two points. Oops.
  9. Hate to say it, but I'm glad we only got one point (I mean up in the standings) in the last two games. I was worried there for a minute or two that we might actually win both. All that would have done is stave off the inevitable. The "possibility" of limping into the playoffs and getting creamed four straight and in the process hanging onto players (at the trade deadline) that we will not resign and loose for nothing. If there was ever a definitive window for Benning to do his thing (NTC be damned) this is it. 5 days off leading up to the deadline. Only 1 point in the last two games, and LITTLE or NO chance of making the playoffs with this current roster and coach. LETS BE SELLERS JB! Come on! We know you can do it!
  10. Time out? Willie? Hello? Geez!
  11. I missed the 4 goal barrage at the start of the third period tonight. It was 5-2 Canucks at the end of the second when I turned to Global News at 6:00. By the time I turned back it was 6-5 Columbus. Wow! Question. Did Willie call a timeout as the team disintegrated before his eyes? If no, I would be done with him.
  12. Luckily for us we don't have to worry about the Canucks losing in the Stanley Cup Final this year or possibly for many years to come. Sure. Have no doubt the Canucks will win some more hockey games this year, just the same as Christmas will happen on December 25th. That's as far as the correlation goes though, as there isn't a snow balls chance in hell that the Canucks will even make the playoffs let alone play for the Stanley Cup.
  13. He should be. Travis Green is NOT the answer for this team either. They need and NHL calibre coach to oversee the rebuild and to make sure the players that are the future of this club get the proper guidance and ice time. WD is trying to rely on guys that are way past their prime and are deteriorating before our eyes. Sorry! Love what some of these guys HAVE (past tense) done for this team, but there has to be a way to shuffle them aside and let the future play. Sitting JV and playing Horvat for only 12 some odd minutes is crap. Never liked WD's team management, ice time management, and player management. Always thought it lacked structure and any semblance of an end game. (i.e. a point to the whole exercise) Not sure what's going on in the minds of TL and JB right now either, but the team we call the Canucks, appears to be a rudderless ship trying to navigate a mine field at present. Don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that sooner or later there is going to be a resounding BOOM behind the bench or even possibly under somebodies desk in the upper confines of Roger Arena. I for one can barely watch this crap on TV, let alone considering buying a ticket and attending a game. Pretty sure I'm not alone in that sentiment.
  14. Liked what I saw. Missed what he brought tonight in all the previous games this year. Hope to see more of the same in the upcoming games or for the rest of the year. Think he should be a regular. Needs to be careful with the borderline stuff as his size/strength can make it serious quite easily. Hope he plays on the edge, just needs some common sense sprinkled in.
  15. Ugh!! Not much to say. Stecher. Miller. Horvat. Good. Didn't even realize JV was playing until the last few minutes when I saw him (briefly) on a shift. No team speed tonight. No passing. No Chemistry. Most up front except for Horvat looked like they had lead in their skates. Don't get Gaunce. Runs around. Creates nothing. No drive to the net after preseason. Pucks (and plays) die on his stick. Skille. Meh. Fell down a lot. Horrid to watch. The baseball game was MUCH more entertaining and that was a 6-0 affair. What does that tell you about tonight's Canucks game? Willie? Meh. Think Jarvis should have MUCH more say. Maybe all of it. Willie can't think outside the box. Gets a brain cramp if he has to. Has a game plan and line combinations and if that works and the team is playing well, then Willie is well. If the team is not playing well, or in the case of tonight, the opposing team drapes themselves all over the Canucks at every turn, then Willie goes into "cramp" mode doesn't have a clue how to fix what's broken. No imagination. No thinking outside the box. ZERO creativity. I really hope his leash is short. I really do. Our top line? Mmmmmm three guys with a documented - proven history of scoring goals that now seem to want to pass the puck for some reason instead of shooting. Even when they appear to have half the net to shoot at. ??