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  1. Not sure why there is so much anti Sutter sentiment here. While he might not have done much in LA lately (blame a lot of that on the GM that got fired right along with him) he certainly had the LA team that won 2 Stanley Cups firing on all cylinders. They were great to watch and had the ability to play whatever game it took to beat their opponents. Certainly made quick work of the Canucks in the first round in 2012 beating us 4 straight. Seem to remember the term "heavy shifts" thrown around quite a bit then as well as lately with Babcock and his coaches in Toronto. The Canucks need structure and strategy. Two things that were sorely lacking with WD. I'm sure Travis Green is a great coach, but I seriously don't want to see another "rookie" make is debut with the Canucks. Surprised that Linden said experience isn't a prerequisite but would be nice to have. IMHO experience at the NHL level is a prerequisite after watching WD fall all over himself for 3 seasons.
  2. Sutter with Green and Jarvis as assistants? Lowry to Uttica?
  3. If you're talking about the Goldobin - Biega scenario, I personally don't think deserve or doesn't deserve matters at this stage of the game. Maybe 20 or 30 games ago, but not with only 5 games left and the Canucks sitting very near the bottom of the standings. Wanting this kid to play so I can see what he's about is NOT a detriment to the team at this stage of the game. The Canucks need some speed coupled with offensive skill. Goldobin seems to have both. Certainly could have used a bit of that tonight as that was a terrible game from start to finish. As a long standing fan, I am fully aware of Willie's "reward" system. Just think it's a mute point with 5 games left.
  4. Right, wrong, or indifferent. I do not pay good money to go to a game and watch Alex Friggen Biega play forward when a guy with Goldobin's skill sits in the press box. As far as I know the mandate (from management) was LET THE KIDS PLAY. That, as a paying member of the public, is what I want to see and is the ONLY way that I (and I assume anybody else) will see what this Goldobin kid has got. Don't care how unengaged he is, don't care if he's a defensive liability, don't give a damn if he wears his underwear backwards. I want to see him on the ice, playing big minutes, so I can judge for myself what he has or doesn't have. Only way I can make an informed decision as to whether there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and whether I want to continue to spend my hard earned money going to games and watch what I hope is going to be part of the future of this franchise play and develop. I'm sure I'm not alone in this sentiment. I can't do that if he sits in the press box and Alex Friggen Biega is playing forward in his place.
  5. Willie needs to be LESS engaged as in FIRED!!
  6. Goldobin in the press box again? Biega as a forward again?
  7. What happened to Stecher? Upper body injury? Anything more in the after game presser?
  8. Damn our "vets" are old, stale, and just plain BAD!
  9. Hank - Edler! Serious WTF!
  10. Hope WD let's him play (adequate ice time) so everybody gets a decent look at him. Interesting to see what the reaction from above would be if WD benched him after his first mistake or goal. (whichever comes first) Just saying given the recent Goldobin events. Think the time is long overdue to just let everybody "play" and see what they have rather than to coach them into submission under a guy or a system that won't likely be here next season.
  11. Daniel Sedin was absolutely HORRID on Pittsburgh's second goal tonight. Easily had a chance to tie up his man or at least his stick, instead doing a "fly by" until it was too late. Made a little effort right before the puck went in the net, but by that time it was the proverbial to little, too late. Brutal night for both the Sedins actually. Keep them as mentors to the younger players? Not if that's all they can teach them. Felt sorry for Miller as he had stood on his head for about 5 minutes before that, only to have Pittsburgh score because Daniel decided to mail in his back check on the play. Awful!
  12. Weird. I thought Goldobin looked pretty dangerous there tonight and certainly didn't notice him being a major defensive liability either. At least he didn't bench him tonight. Mind you he didn't score so maybe that's the criteria for playing the whole game? Look dangerous but don't score?
  13. Mmmmmm. Seem to remember there was always a LOT of Detroit, Toronto, and Montreal jerseys in the stands years ago. Really stood out when one of those teams scored. Almost louder than a Canuck goal. That changed a bit when the so called Canucks Nation emerged and we had sell outs for what 10 years in a row? Lot's of Canucks jerseys in other arenas as well. Especially during the "cup run" years. The Canucks aren't the same team since 2011 and it isn't surprising that people's allegiance wavers and other teams become favored again. Never ending cycle if you ask me. Besides, even I was a Broad Street Bully fan when the Canucks were cellar dwellers during the Flyers hay day.
  14. True. My bad. Was meaning we only picked up a point on them instead of two. Realize we got two points. Oops.