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  1. hey man, how have you been lately? just logged in for the first time in forever and i noticed you left me a comment! I'm glad to know you still think about me. hahaha

    how've you been dude?

  2. Is TC still alive? I really miss her

  3. tc! How you been? :)

  4. long time no see!

  5. Name That Goalie!

    nope, not boucher
  6. Name That Goalie!

    name this guy....
  7. Name That Goalie!

    Andrei Medvedev FTW.
  8. i never really left, i just stopped posting so much while i was working for the team.

  9. You're back!

    It feels like years since I last saw you post.

  10. Where did you go ???

  11. you better

    lose yourself in the music the moment you own it you better never let it go

  12. never mind! serge fixed it.

    so how are you?

  13. my bjb account doesn't work :(

  14. If she sings it, she's the one who likes it.

    Roger that?

    I cant tell her I love her, cause theres too many questions that need answers. So I dont tell her I need her. Shes over me, thats where we are.

  15. well the dominator is a BIG FAT LIAR.

    True story.

    I think you know full well who i am, yet i don't know who you are yet.

    Why does <3 always sing Coldplay to you in your comments? Are you a closet coldplay nut?