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  1. Hey Toronto I got two words for you
  2. F$&K TORONTO!
  3. Skile chaput megna Skile chaput megna Skile chaput megna Skile chaput megna larson Larson larson Larson larson Larson barely play bo and keep sutter out of position with the Sedins
  4. Ohhh look it's the fourth line again can we fire this coach already
  5. Ohhh they were placed theer for a reason... but not the one they said.. to fix the game in favour of the leafs not to maintain order.
  6. He was recalled a few days ago but thanks for playing
  7. Hey Willie here's a few tips on how to coach this team 1- bench that bum Larson play biega 2- put eriksson or burrows with the Sedins 3- put Sutter where he belongs on the third with grandlund Edit # 4 up the damn pace of play ps what a weak ass call clearly the NHL isn't above fixing its games
  8. Id even be ok if they locked him out of the rink my god he's aweful to think Biega is sitting so he can play makes me sick
  9. The leadership of this team needs to change consistently coming out flat in the third has been happening since 2012
  10. I hate how CBC loves to gush all over whoever the Canucks are playing.....
  11. That's the penalty WTF
  12. It's the coaching
  13. Think what you want of grapes but I love how he honours our military men and women. These people voluntarily fight and do things most of us couldn't even think about without getting scared. I'll always like grapes just for that