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  1. Going to Vancouver for the Sedin's Jersey Retirement

    Each of their 10 minute highlight packages will be 90% of passes coming from the other one though haha
  2. Play stupid games and eventually you win the stupid prize, I can’t have any sympathy for idiots like this that get themselves killed being stupid. I’m an adventurous fisherman and my travels take me deep into the woods usually down some very sketchy trails but I’m not stupid I take all precautions I can, have the right equipment and plan for every conceivable outcome and the key here is I’ve had the necessary training (wilderness survival, first aid, firearms etc). It sucks for the families but they should have seen this coming.
  3. [Signing] Lightning re-sign Ryan McDonagh

    Wow that’s a bad deal
  4. [Signing] Canucks sign F Tim Schaller [2 year x $1.9M AAV]

    Now if only the Beagle and Roussell contracts had this term
  5. [Signing] Canucks sign F Jay Beagle [4 year x $3M AAV]

    Will be 32 when these deals are expiring
  6. [Signing] Canucks sign F Jay Beagle [4 year x $3M AAV]

    This deal looked a lot better yesterday, unfortunately a bidding war raised price and term. Beagle is a great team first guy and very well respected for his hard working game. Caps fans are pissed right now that he left, as long as their is no no-trade then I’m ok with this deal.
  7. This is a bad deal, the pro scouting staff should be fired
  8. [Report] JVR is heading back to the Flyers

    I heard that it wasn’t Burke but McCaw who had the team on an internal cap and wouldn’t allow him to make a few deals for a few goalies/players because it would require the team to eat some salary and he was cheap
  9. I have a sick feeling that it’s going to be San Jose, they better win a cup within 3 years or they will be stuck with a lot of bad contracts with older players after that
  10. [Report] JVR is heading back to the Flyers

    Haha yea true, but the Canucks stuck with “I couldn’t even stop a beach ball in the playoffs” Cloutier, rather than get a proven #1 for that team. We would have had a cup with that team
  11. [Report] JVR is heading back to the Flyers

    Is there another team that’s had more good years completely wasted by bad goaltending than Philly? I can’t think of any other since the WCE Canucks
  12. I would love Komorov, I’d be afraid of the inflated contract though because the free agent crop this year is very thin
  13. Hahahaha we all know Kypper has taken to many shots to the head, it would be Tanev +++++ to pull Nylander from Toronto
  14. If the deal is as rumoured then this is a big win for the Canucks, perfect term and perfect dollars for what he brings to a team. You need that guy who has done it all and will be a leader in the room, especially with the transition happening during the next few years where we will see Edler etc move on
  15. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    Yea that POS has no moral high ground, Moore was a headhunter and karma got him. Just wish it wasn’t Bertuzzi who delivered the blow