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  1. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    What a terrible non call after that weak hooking call, screw you refs
  2. [GDT] Canucks vs Jets 5:00PM (SNP/SN650)

    What have we done to deserve such bad injury luck this year?
  3. NFL thread

    The officiating in the Seattle game has been a joke, this crew is terrible
  4. NFL thread

    Blair Walsh is the worst kicker in the NFL, I hope he’s cut after this week
  5. Once Gaunce scores I think he’ll go on a scoring streak, I have never seen a player have such bad luck offensively for that long
  6. A lot of people gave green grief when he benched the Russians but the chaput line has been the best tonight
  7. We are fans of an Incredible Organization

    The Canucks do so much in the community, a lot we never know about. My mom and sister both have worked for charities and have dealt with the Canucks organization and anytime they’ve been asked to, they’ve done something. In 95 my hockey team held a fundraiser to raise money that was all going to a charity of our choice and I won the opportunity to choose which charity to donate to. When the team found out how much I had raised and that I had chosen to donate to Canucks place they gave me tickets for a Canucks game and afterwards got to walk around the dressing room and have all the players sign a team stick and jersey that they gave me. There was Linden, McLean, Bure, Ronning it was a highlight of my life. I’m proud to be a Canucks fan and always will be
  8. Stecher will get 2-3 per maybe a little more on a long term deal, Hutton needs a new contract (I personally want him traded now), and really hate to be that guy but we need to save space for the impending Luongo cap recapture penalty, which is 2.8 in 2019, 4.6 in 2020 and 8.5 in 2021. With that potential penalty hanging over their heads, the Canucks will need to fit all the players under the cap plus account for it. Plus, in 2019 Brock will get 7-8 mil if they can get him to agree to an 8 year deal, Beartschi will probably be around 3-4 by that time to.
  9. While this awesome for the Pacific Northwest, by the time that expansion draft rolls around we are going to lose a very good player. Seattle fans are great, look at the way the supported the Seahawks through so many bad years, they will become hockey fanatics.
  10. [Trade] Canucks trade Jordan Subban to Kings for Nic Dowd

    Subban is a tire fire in his own zone, he needed like PK said “watch Ryan Ellis, look at how hard he works” Jordan never did it, and won’t in the future, when Stecher came in and beat him out for that call up the writing was on the wall. Yea he may play some games for LA, but he will always be a tweener, good enough offensively but terrible in his defensive zone. This trade helps address a need in the bottom six at Center until Bo comes back, right now the team just needs to tread water and hopefully can get going when Bo comes back.
  11. (GDT) philly @ van

    The sedins have been brutal this period, add Eriksson to that
  12. (GDT) philly @ van

    Kinda funny how the Canucks came out firing, but then 4 straight penalties against, usually the team driving play gets the power plays? Good game management I guess