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  1. All the flags are making it hard to watch, and the stupid coaches challenges, what makes the nfl so exciting is the receivers and db's fighting for space. The cfl officiating is so bush league it's laughable
  2. Are you a cop? Do you have any training on how to subdue someone? Have you ever come face to face with someone carrying a loaded weapon? When a police officer pulls a gun they are trained to fire multiple shots for the body. They are also trained to pull their gun as soon as they feel an immediate threat to their personal safety, which wrestling on the ground with an armed man (whether the gun is in his hand or not doesn't matter, he is armed) would qualify, especially after they had already tasered him. I have 4 family members who are police officers and have discussed this at length with all of them, so unless you have other facts to support your opinion then maybe you should go do some research.
  3. Where's the black lives matter protests? Why aren't they demanding justice and answers? Oh right... black lives only matter when it's a white person/cop who has shot the gun
  4. Where Virt will play next year will be decided by his training camp and maturity, if he comes into camp in great shape and plays like the beast he can then I can see him on the third line with bo and bear. If he comes into camp and doesn't impress or play well then it's off to Utica, neither scenario will be bad for his development, power forwards like defence men usually take a little more time to develop. I hate that chl rule, it's bad for the players development, Jake should have been in Utica last year, he had already outgrown the dub.
  5. Look at the videos that are all over the news and social media. They are celebrating and taunting the police around the area
  6. I am just shocked at this
  7. That's my beef with this whole thing, if he had complied with the officers he wouldn't have been shot! Chris Rocks how not to get your ass beat by the police I'll say it again it's a cultural problem.....
  8. I'm so sick of this revisionist history about another gangbanger after he gets killed by police. If you want to know who this pos truly was read the link. If you want to buy the mainstream media, black lives matter bs then don't bother. He wasn't a good person he wasn't innocent he was nothing but a deadbeat dad and a gangbanger. Hearing them talk about what a great guy he was makes me believe it's a problem with the "black culture" where it's cool to slang dope to steal to be in jail. Fix their "thug mentality" then there would be nowhere near as many police shootings of black men.
  9. So typical of the Sedins all bark but no bite, we need real leadership on this team, we need a Toews, Getzlaf type players. These guys are to be the leaders, and they did nothing!
  10. This was a good exciting game, with some bad officiating, but even better another loss and closer to Mathews
  11. The refs are feeling that California love again
  12. Only because it's San Jose
  13. High stick
  14. I will have the games on, but only in the background while I'm working on other things, just not enough entertainment (except last game) now it's more of a morbid curiosity to see how bad this can get.
  15. I have faith in his drafting and scouting ability, but the actual deal making wether it's trades or signings I have my doubts (Dorset, Vrbata, Sbisa, Vey, Bartkowski, Hamhuis, Miller etc). He needs a senior advisor (like Scotty Bowman in Chicago) to help with the trading and other duties.